Affiliate Bot 2.0 Review: 37 Bots for $17? I Bought It!

Building upon the first version, Affiliate Bot 2.0 has just been launched on the 19th of Feb. 2019. It contains 37 automation bots to make you money online. It is large number of software. Are they even useful or just another scam? Follow me in my Affiliate Bot 2.0 review and let’s find out.

This one is a bit difficult to review. Because there are so many bots and they each does a different thing. I did end up buying the product to show you what’s inside. Keep reading and you’ll find my detailed list of all the bots included.

This review will answer the following four questions for you about Affiliate Bot 2.0:

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Affiliate Bot 2.0 review

Program Name: Affiliate Bot 2.0


Creator: Chris

Price: $17

Upsells: $97 + $17 + $17/mo

Recommendation: Give it a try

This new version builds upon Affiliate Bot 1.0 and expand the tools into 37 bots. Chris the owner claims that he uses these tools to generate $417/day in commissions.

When you first land on the sales page, besides the usual catchy title and sales video, there are actually a lot information and details about the product. This immediately boosts confidence. It seems like we might be on to something worthwhile.

Chris starts by showing you income proof and he tells you that there’re ‘insiders’ who are making 1k/day with automation. He himself is one of the ‘insiders’ and he makes 5k-15k a month. Now, I don’t want to be too hash but the numbers don’t add up. Is Chris making 1k/day or not? If so, he should be making 30k a month. Is Chris not the best ‘insider’? Or is this part just the usual hype that we should ignore?

So how does Chris do it? With automation! There are multiple bots for each stage of the business model and many other utility tools. To avoid confusion, Chris lays it out in steps.

STEP 1: Pick Profitable Affiliate Programs (6 bots)

Use these 6 bots to scan various affiliate networks. You can sort through them by dozens of metrics and find the best one for you.

STEP 2: Create Website and Boost Conversion (10 bots)

There are widgets that you can add to your site with only one line of code. They are quite clever and can automate actions based on certain criteria.

For example, you can display a special discount coupon for someone that has visited your site more than twice. Or show a time count down with a sales promotion.

With these automated response, you site will convert much better.

STEP 3: Traffic (AI Traffic Search Engine)

Chris has develop this search engine of his own to scan the most popular 100k websites and spot any opportunities on them to drive traffic towards your site.

There are 16 metrics it scans for each of these sites. It seems that this AI search engine can be used more than just driving traffic. You will be able to find sites that are building email lists, sites that are affiliate marketeer, etc.

MORE: Utilities and Other Tools

The list just don’t stop. Apparently, there are also tons of bots and tools for various different purposes.

There are tools that can help you create pages, websites, sales copies and banners. Other tools can help you find valuable domain name, new or dropped and tools to check website value on auction sites.


After I finished the payment process, I wasn’t able to access the member’s area before I dismissed several upsell offers.

  • UPSELL 1: Affiliate Bot 2.0 Pro Club ($97)
  • UPSELL 2: Turbo Charge Profit ($17/mo)
  • UPSELL 3: AI Video Creator ($17)

Then I received an email with my login info and a URL. Finally I can enter the member’s area and see what’s inside Affiliate Bot 2.0.

Confirmation email from Affiliate Bots 2.0

On the homepage of the member’s area, there are more upgrades. These are other products that Affiliate Bot promote.

To get to the 37 bots I just paid for, Click ‘software’ on the menu.

On the next page, I can search or filter for the bots I need. Each one has a video instruction right next to it. After counting the bots, I notice there are only 15 software. Even though Chris counts the Web Widget as 10 separated bots. It still doesn’t add up to 37. I wish there’s a complete list for me to check.

Inside Affiliate Bot 2.0 - member's area

After digging around, I realize that there are four bonus bots under T-Shirt Titan and another bonus with nine free widgets from third party.

I still couldn’t find a list of bots anywhere on the site. To help you decide whether Affiliate Bot 2.0 is of any use to you, I compile a list of all 37 bots with a brief description.

  • Affiliate (7 bots)
    1. AI Search – Scan the most trafficked 100k site for 16 traffic opportunities
    2. Auto Affiliate Ads – Find banner ads for ClickBank products
    3. CB Affiliate Ads Bot – Find over 2,000 ads on ClickBank and split test 20 a time
    4. CB 500 – Daily updated top affiliate programs on ClickBank
    5. Kind of the Zoo – Top programs on JVZoo, updated every 12 hours
    6. Launch Pulse – Find new affiliate products
    7. Warrior 50 – Daily updated top affiliate programs on WarriorPlus
  • Traffic (11 bots)
    1. FLIP DB – Traffic database from auction site Flippa
    2. Web Widget – 10-in-1 widget to boost conversion
  • Video (2 bots)
    1. 1 Click Video Pages – Create landing page with video
    2. Rapid Video Creator – Quickly turn a script into a video
  • Misc (4 bots)
    1. 1 Click Copy – Quickly make sales copy
    2. Domain Aveli – Domain research tool
    3. Drop Aveli – Discover dropped domain that could worth thousands
    4. Resell DB – Database of site where you can license and re-sell
  • Bonus (13 bots)
    1. T-Shirt Titan – 4 bots
    2. Plugins – 9 free plugins from third party

I have gone through all the bots and tested some of them. They all seem to work as intended.

The whole program is a bit difficult to navigate though. There seem to be two different home page and some tools are on both sites but other are not.


No, Affiliate Bot 2.0 is NOT a scam.

In fact, I think it’s quite a steal. You get 37 tools for only $17.

I do want to point out that it’s probably not for beginners. Not only is the member’s area a bit confusing to navigate, but most of these tools are supplementary utilities that requires a foundation. You need to have a business already and you can use some of these tools to boost your profitability.

Also, these 37 tools cover quite a wide range of functions. Not all of them will be useful to you. In fact, I can only see a few that would be of use to my business. But given the low cost, I would still consider it worthwhile.


For a software package to help your online business, the Affiliate Bot 2.0 might be the best product on the market right now. You get tons of value if you know how to utilize them.

For beginners however, I can’t see much use of Affiliate Bot 2.0. If this is your first step toward online business, you will sure be confused and overwhelmed. You need to first learn the basics and have a foundation built before you can benefit from these bots.

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If you have any question or thought as whether Affiliate Bot 2.0 is a scam, feel free to leave a comment below and I will always reply!

Let’s Make Money!

Affiliate Bot 2.0






Ease of Use





  • PRODUCT NAME: Affiliate Bot 2.0
  • CREATOR: Chris
  • PRICE: $17 + upsells

4 thoughts on “Affiliate Bot 2.0 Review: 37 Bots for $17? I Bought It!”

  1. hi thank you for sharing .i understand what you mean by confusing it great you done your research to help others understand because it dose look like a scam at first other readers on her please note this is NOT a scam .im looking forward to accessing your free programme i keep you updated

    1. Hi Val,

      Thanks for dropping by. I did personally bought this product and I have been using it daily. I can’t say it’s going to make me rich by some of the bots are useful to get information or content ideas.

  2. Hi Wei. Thanks for this review on Affiliate Bot 2.0. I am already interested in joining this. But, I would love to get your guide first. Also, I would love to try it out on the football/soccer website that I built on WA.
    I would be a newcomer to that Bot and would love the help and the security of knowing that it is not a scam.
    I am looking forward to getting as much help as possible so that I can get more traffic to my site and of course, buyers/customers which is revenue.

    1. Hi Nickoy,

      Welcome to my Affiliate Bot 2.0 review. I bought this product and primarily use the launch pulse to come up with content ideas.

      I would advise cautious to buy it for your niche site. You would probably be better off focusing on creating more content for your site.

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