Amazon FBA Ninja Review – Is This A Legit Online Course Or A Scam?

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Welcome to my Amazon FBA Ninja review.

In this review, we will take an in-depth look at Amazon FBA Ninja and see if this a legit online course or a scam.

We are also going to see if this program worth buying or a waste of money. Let’s find out.

Throughout my Amazon FBA Ninja review, there is no affiliate link. This is because I do not promote products that I don’t recommend. You can rest assured to get an honest and unbiased review from me.

This Amazon FBA Ninja review will try to answer the following four questions. It should give you a clear understanding of the program and whether it’s worth your money.

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Amazon FBA Ninja Review - website

Program Name: Amazon FBA Ninja


Creator: Kevin David

Price: $1,997 one time fee or $597 5 month payment plan

Recommendation: No

The Amazon FBA Ninja was released in 2017. It is an online program that breaks down Amazon’s selling products.

Kevin David offered this course to you, and it focused on how to make the Amazon FBA process work.

The course will take you through the entire selling process on Amazon from finding products, account creation, selling, and even account management in the Amazon Seller Central.

However, there has a bit of controversy about Kevin’s founder, which is why we need to learn more about him before we dive into the course and the modules that they offer.

Who Is Kevin David?

Kevin David is an entrepreneur with a successful career and good fortune through the Amazon FBA program and system. 

He said that the result of this success in the eCommerce world, he founded THATLifestyleNinja in 2017.

THATLifestyleNinja is a company that enables inspired entrepreneurs to live by their own rules, be their boss, and create the life that they always dreamed of living.

Kevin David has a huge follower on social media with over 10,000 followers on Facebook, 80,000+ on Instagram followers, and over 450,000 YouTube subscribers.

The Amazon FBA Ninja Course is one of the numerous courses offered by Kevin David.

It says that over 2,300 people quit their jobs after encountering Kevin David’s Amazon FBA Ninja course.

More than 500,000 entrepreneurs, also called ninjas, are currently taking his course and learning more about eCommerce.

Now let’s see how this course work.


The Amazon FBA Ninja is broken down into different modules, and each module focuses on various elements.

Module 1: Product Research

Product research is the most important step in the business, especially in the eCommerce world. 

This is no different from Amazon FBA because this module will teach you three different methods that will help you find the most potential products.

Kevin David took his time to explain and how to find the right products.

Here what covered in Module 1 of the Amazon FBA Ninja:

PART 1 – Setting up your Amazon seller central account.

  • Avoid making mistakes when choosing your seller account name.
  • Should you borrow money to fund or expand the launch of your product.
  • Finding the perfect Amazon FBA products (and Explanations).
  • Checking product patents and trademarks.
  • The track 999 cart method

Also, there are several other resources provided in this module.

  • Part 2 – Advanced Techniques for Product Research (Tutorials).
  • Part 3 – What to know after product research.

Module 2 – Suppliers and Shipping

In this module, you’ll learn how to find the best suppliers for your products with the cheapest potential and shipping terms.

Also, Kevin will take you through supplier identification and teach you how to build and maintain a positive relationship with your suppliers. 

This module is helpful if you plan to ship your products in bulk. 

You will also learn about the shipping processes, the costs, and overall expectations.

This module offers additional methods for running the most effective product research to ensure that you have the best products.

Just like the Module 1, this module comes in three parts:

  • Part 1 – This part covers everything that you should know before contacting your supplier and kick off shipping. It also includes things like how to get the manufacturer, determine the number of products you should buy, payment procedures, and Fnsku and UPC.
  • Part 2 – This part outlines the things that you should consider doing to find the best shipping companies and the best suppliers.
  • Part 3 – Getting everything right and getting the products’ inspection done the right way.

Module 3 – Product Listing, Product Ranking, and Site Optimization

This module will teach you how to get your products listed, ranked, and optimized.

You will also learn how to look the right keywords to use for your competitors and outrank them and optimize your rankings.

Also, this module will show you how to use PPC for successful campaigns, and it also shows you how to optimize correctly to get free organic sales via Google eventually.

Module 3 is also broken down into three parts:

  • Part 1 – Things you should know before you create a new product listing.
  • Part 2 – How to create the best product listing for Amazon and rank your product high.
  • Part 3 – How to continually iterate, protect, and optimize your listing and keyword.

Module 4 – Product Launch Strategy

After you have learned how to list your product and optimize your site on Amazon, this module will take you through a thorough tour of the product launch process.

This module also ensures that your product launch takes place and also teaches you how to launch the products in the right way to make the sales with the least possible work.

You’ll also learn exactly how to do that and learn how to come up with organic keywords to enhance your sales.

You also learn to follow the guidelines for the best organic keywords and ranking them. 

It also shows you how to use Facebook Ads and ClickFunnels landing page to boost your products and sales.

Module 4 is broken down into two parts:

  • Part 1 – It covers everything you should know before launching your product
  • Part 2 – This module is all about how to launch your products the right way. Also, how to advertise, create deals, using email marketing, and drive traffic to your products site.

Module 5 – Email Follow Up and Reviews

Shoppers today are smart, and they always ask other people about that product before purchasing.

Reviews are essential when building trust with new customers for an online eCommerce store. 

That is why Kevin will show you how to collect legitimate and honest reviews.

In this module, you will learn how to increase your customers to your store and learn some tips and tactics around running email campaigns.

Module 5 is broken down into two parts:

  • Part 1 – What to know before you create your email campaigns.
  • Part 2 – How to create a world-class email campaign that gets your reviews.

Module 6 – AMS and Amazon PPC

You will learn how to outperform your competitors by using PPC TRICKS and TACTICS, identifying relevant and long-tail keywords.

To succeed in the Amazon FBA business, you need to apply various strategies, including PPC advertising.

PPC advertising is one of the essential marketing strategies for successfully running a business on Amazon.

This module will teach you everything you should know, from basics to advanced stuff, about the use of PPC on Amazon.

You’ll also learn how to identify the long-tail keywords and phrases ideal for your products that you have listed and able to run your PPC campaigns effortlessly.

There are three parts to this module:

  • Part 1 – What to know before setting up your Amazon PPC campaigns.
  • Part 2 – How to create a Wildly profitable Amazon PPC campaigns.
  • Part 3 – How to optimized Amazon PPC campaigns.

Module 7 – Facebook Marketing

Now asides from PPC, Facebook is used for targeting specific audiences of specific demographics and interests.

This module will also teach you Facebook marketing tactics and how to get your products in front of your targeted Facebook audience.

You will also learn how to generate target audiences on your Facebook and Instagram pages.

This module is broken down into three parts:

  • Part 1 – How to build a qualified product following. It includes tips on influencer marketing and advertising to the target audience. 
  • Part 2 – How to use Facebook ads to drive traffic directly to your Amazon listing.
  • Part 3 – It offers lessons in scaling and automation.

Module 8 – The Millionaire-Seller hack

This last module, the Amazon FBA Ninja, will build upon what you have learned from this course to make your business more efficient and attract more customers.

Also, this module focuses on some little information that you need and increase your online business efficiency.

This module comes in three bite-sized parts:

  • Part 1 – This module is all about the Amazon Seller Central Hacks, where you will learn how to run your account and secure it from hackers and enhance your brand’s image.
  • Part 2 – It covers the Amazon Ninja tactics, where it will help you how to run a successful business.
  • Part 3 – It offers advice on what you should do in the event of an account suspension by Amazon.

How Much Does The Amazon FBA Ninja Cost?

The course cost $1,997 unrestricted lifetime fee, and it includes all the bonuses. 

There’s also have a 5 months payment plan of $597 each.

They accept Paypal and card.

As you can see, the Amazon FBA Ninja is not that cheap, so think carefully before buying it.

Also, they offer a 14-day money-back guarantee if you didn’t like the course, or you’re not impressed with what you get.


I can’t say if Amazon FBA Ninja is a scam or not, but I am sure it is not worth buying.

Yeah, you do have all the things that you want in this course, but the price is very expensive, and you can get this kind of course from other webinars at a lower price or for free.

Also, I found out on the Reddit website that almost all of them didn’t like the course, so if I were you, I’d avoid this course for your safety.

The course does sound great, but again there is a lot of it out there on the web, but make sure to do your research first before joining in.


  • Kevin style is engaging and informative
  • Step by step instructions keep you from feeling overwhelmed
  • The course training is updated continuously
  • Payment plan available
  • Money-back guarantee


  • Some complaints of refund issues
  • Tools not included
  • No PDFs
  • Very expensive


Now you know what Amazon FBA Ninja is and what you will get on this course.

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Thank you for taking the time to read my Amazon FBA Ninja review. If you have any questions or thought as to whether Amazon FBA Ninja review is a scam, feel free to leave a comment below and I will always reply!

Let’s Make Money!

Amazon FBA Ninja

$1,997 or $597

Overall Rate



  • PRODUCT NAME: Amazon FBA Ninja
  • CREATOR: Kevin David

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