Expose CB Cash Code Scam: The $80k/month Pipe Dream

Take a look at CB Cash Code sales page and you will be intrigued. Who wouldn’t? We are talking about $80,000 every month! But as you may already know, the internet is full of con men and you need to stay vigilant. Do your research and read my CB Cash Code Scam review.

Throughout this review, you won’t find any affiliate link to CB Cash Code. That is because I’m not promoting this product. I can but I choose not to. You can expect to have an honest review from me.

The review will answer the following four questions and you will be able to make an informed decision at the end of it.

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Unrealistic claims from CB Cash Code

Program Name: CB Cash Code

Website: www.thecbcashcode.com

Creator: Unknown

Price: $37

Upsells: $197 + $147

Recommendation: STAY AWAY

The CB Cash Code is a training program to teach you how to make money on ClickBank. That’s what the CB stands for. ClickBank is a popular and legit affiliate program network. It’s a platform where you can find various digital product to promote and make commission. It is a legit way to make money and many have succeeded.

When you first landed on CB Cash Code website, you will see a simple sales page. There is no details at all about the program. Only some catchy headlines and a video for you to watch. This immediately remind me of other scam product like Silk Road Effect, Bulletproof Profit and Insider Profit Groups.

At the beginning of the sales page, it claims that the system revealed to you will change your life forever. It’s going to make you $80,000 every month with only 10 mins work per day.

Skeptical? There are the various income proof in the form of screenshots. You see page after page gigantic income being made on a daily basis.

Still skeptical? Here comes the video testimonials. Three people come on camera and tell you how successful they are thanks to the CB Cash Code system.

The speaker then reveals himself as George and share with you his life story. He never had much growing up. Had to drop out of high school to help his Mom and brother. Bounced around with minimum wage jobs until one day his Mom was sick. It was breast cancer. This part again reminds me of similar products like the Bulletproof Profits. In the story there, it was the wife who’s sick and it’s also breast cancer.

Instead of a friend in the story of the Bulletproof Profits, the secret is revealed to George by his cousin. It’s a secret system to make money on ClickBank, a site that nobody knows about. It also tells you that getting started on ClickBank is nearly impossible. That’s why you need the CB Cash Code to guide you.

George and his cousin develop this system to help people and change their lives. This is the only reason why you could get this mega profitable system for only $37.


Before we peak inside the member’s area, let me tell you something about the sales video we just watched. It is full of unrealistic hypes. There’s no way you can make $80k a month with only 10 mins work per day. At least not in a sustainable way.

I suspect those income proofs are fake but I don’t have any evidence to support that. What I do have are evidences that those video testimonials are fake with paid actors. You can actually find them on freelance platform offering spokesperson videos.

Hired actor for fake testimonials of the CB Cash Code Scam
Hired actor for fake testimonials of the CB Cash Code Scam
Hired actor for fake testimonials of the CB Cash Code Scam

In the member’s area, there are five sections. After the Introduction section, you get to the Main Guide of CB Cash Code.

It turns out to be a PDF eBook that briefly introduces what ClickBank is and how to set up account there. It also encourages you to promote products on ClickBank by the means of paid advertising.

The general quality of the guide is extremely low. It’s more of an introduction than a guide. There is no step-by-step tutorial to help you actually do something.

Member's area of CB Cash Code

What might surprise you is that this is it. This is all you get for your hard earned $37. The other sections in the member’s area are actually upsells.

UPSELL 1: ClickBank Cash Pro ($197)

This is another PDF eBook that talks about traffic. The main part of this eBook focuses again on paid traffic. It shows you how to start a Google keywords campaign, where you essentially pay google to display your ads on its search result. It is not a valid newbie strategy. You simply can’t make consistent money like that.

UPSELL 2: ClickBank Book Plus ($147)

Pay another $147 and you get yet another PDF eBook. And this time the eBook is only 19 pages long!

It talks about social media and focuses on Facebook. It is extremely brief and low quality. You would learn much more from many free guides on the internet instead.


Yes, CB Cash Code is no doubt a scam!

It makes unrealistic income claims and tries to fool you with fake testimonials.

It gets your foot in the gate with $37 and then upsell you for hundreds of dollars. And what you get for that large amount of money is four PDF eBooks, that are low quality and will not make you any money in reality.

CilckBank is a legit platform where you can find digital products to promote and make commissions. But learn how to do it the right way. Do not buy into the hype and get yourself scammed by products like CB Cash Code.


Yes, there is. In fact, doing nothing is better than CB Cash Code.

ClickBank or not, you need to understand the fundamentals. To promote anything on the internet, just paying for ads is not going to make it. It will only cost you tons of money and you won’t see any meaningful result at all.

Setting up an account on ClickBank and find products to promote is the easy part. You don’t need a guide for that, certainly not one that’s going to cost you hundreds of dollars. The tricky part is how to actually promote these products. It will take a lot more than 10 minutes a day and you probably won’t get any result for several months. It’s a long game, a journey or in fact a business!

If make a living online is what you want, you need to first adjust your mindset. Treat it as a business. Take it seriously and prepare to work, hard!

What you need next is proper and high quality training. Promoting products online, or Affiliate Marketing as it is formally known, is a simple process yet complicated in execution.

The training I have been using is comprehensive, up-to-date and coupled with step-by-step tutorials. You will start to learn the fundamentals before moving on to more advanced strategies.

You will be able to build your own online presence from the ground up. You can then use that presence to promote products on ClickBank, Amazon, Walmart, Apple… you name it. This is the one and only sustainable way to earn you real income for years to come.

If you think you are ready, take action and start with my free guide here.

Beside the awesome training, you will also get the chance to join a community of like-minded people. They will be eager to help you and inspire you along the journey. Don’t you underestimate the importance of such community. Most fail because they quit before they make it. Being among others will help you get through the tough times.

Best of all, it is totally FREE!

Not in the sense of a free trial with a time limit. You can remain a free member for life.

I’ll also show you how to get your website set up with absolutely zero investment.


If you have any question or thought as whether CB Cash Code is a scam, feel free to leave a comment below and I will always reply!

Let’s Make Money!

CB Cash Code





  • PRODUCT NAME: CB Cash Code
  • WEBSITE: www.thecbcashcode.com
  • CREATOR: Unknown
  • UPSELLS: $197 + $147

4 thoughts on “Expose CB Cash Code Scam: The $80k/month Pipe Dream”

  1. Hello Wei,

    This CB Cash Code is a training product of Click Bank? I think I viewed that sales page once and really I was not convinced. I am thankful that I did not even have the low amount to start.

    I simply detest programs that up-sell you once you invest some cash, because now you are not just financially invest but also emotionally invested, and so maybe tempted to invest more.

    Problem is~:- NOTHING online to make money takes just 10 minutes a day! That for me, in my opinion, is an outright lie.

    Perhaps they have some few extreme examples of success that take them only 10 minutes a day to earn big amounts. But, I wager, that was after years and many hours of grueling work.

    Thank you Wei for bringing some much needed sanity around the whole Cash Code program by CB (Click Bank).

    1. Hi Phil

      Welcome to my review and thanks a lot for your comment!

      I love how you put it: “NOTHING online to make money takes just 10 minutes a day!”

      In fact, the same is true for offline. Any consistent way to make money requires either work or capital. It’s actually really simple if you think about it. If making money is that easy, everybody will rush into it. Then you have huge competition and as a result, it’s not going to be easy any more.

      Just one thing I would like to point out. The CB Cash Code program is NOT made by ClickBank. Unlike this scam product, ClickBank is a legit platform for affiliate marketing. You can think ClickBank as the Amazon for digital products.

  2. I appreciate your research and finding this scams out there. CB Cash code I haven’t heard of before but it does the same scam like many others. I really like how you found the paid spokepersons, that’s proof enough that’s a scam. Good info and thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Eddie,

      Thanks for dropping by. These scams are actually very easy to spot. They typically don’t do a very good job at hiding their true nature.

      But this is a huge risk for newbies. I hope my review help at least one person to stay away products like the CB Cash Code.

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