(Click2sell.eu)Click2sell Scam? Yes! It’s A Scam

(Click2sell.eu)Click2sell Scam? Yes! It’s A Scam






  • PRODUCT NAME: Click2sell
  • WEBSITE: www.click2sell.eu
  • CREATOR: Unkown

Welcome to my Click2sell scam review

Click2sell is an affiliate marketing platform they gather sellers and affiliates to promote products in exchange for a commission.

They can use this site for sellers to reach out for their target market and generate leads through affiliates registered on the website.

Can this website be trusted? You’ll soon find out.

Throughout my review, there is no affiliate link to Click2sell. This is because I do not promote products that I don’t recommend. You can rest assured to get an honest and unbiased review from me.

This review will try to answer the following four questions. It should give you a clear understanding if Click2sell is a scam and whether it’s worth your money.

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Click2sell Scam - web page

Program Name: Click2sell

Website: www.click2sell.eu

Creator: Unkown

Price: $200

Recommendation: No

Click2Sell.eu is an innovative online marketing network portal for affiliates that mixes digital retailing of products with an affiliate network on one page. This network was created in Vilnius, Lithuania by a European company.

If you try to search for Click2Sell on Google, you will see different platforms in which this domain name used.

There you can see click2sell.com and click2sell.eu. The click2sell.com is a self-service advertising platform and the click2sell.eu you already know what it is.

They started creating this website in their country and branched out to other European countries such as Belize, Latvia, and the US.

Based on the information they provided, they are a verified platform in which users can maximize with their own PayPal and bank accounts.

They are built to become a prospective jumpstart to those who want to start earning an income using affiliate marketing, and they designed a high-quality affiliate network dedicated to helping their members succeed online.

So we are going to see if this website is the better option for an affiliate business or not.


To meet your business needs, Click2Sell.eu has two functions for you. If you’re an owner of a business and want to reach more people and generate leads from it, they can provide you with that access.

If you, as an affiliate marketer, earn passive income, they also have that option. All you need to do is understand that you need to promote the online exchange of products for commissions generated per sale.

If you understand the affiliate marketing system and how it works like Amazon Associates, Clickbank, or Wealthy Affiliate, it is not hard to know how Click2Sell does to all businesses as well as affiliate income.

How to Make Money with Click2Sell?

Click2sell Scam - list

Above is the complete list for you to check and see whether this program is great for you or not. It’s up to you to decide.

When you become one of their affiliate marketers, Click2Sell provides you with six benefits.

You can maximize the varied income streams from there and earn more money online without having to deal with physical products.

Red Flags

Scammy Tactics
They are trying to lure more prospective affiliate marketers, especially to those who are new in this industry, to join for free only to find out it’s not.

Too Good To Be True Compensation
They promise new affiliates that they will earn around 95% of their sales, which is not true because of not even a big company does that. The fair percentage share for affiliates per sale is almost cents, approximately 5% to 30% from the sale.

Click2sell Scam - Payout

F Rating On Better Business Bureau
They earned a failing mark on BBB after they registered the business in 2015. And they don’t have any records about the company, not even the CEO. And also, there are complaints written and no positive feedback until now the company hasn’t responded.

Click2sell Scam - BBB

Registered As An eCommerce
Click2Sell.eu has inconsistent company details leading to a series of mind-boggling questions in mind. If I thought so, how much more will the others who have invested in hopes of earning money and receiving returns from their investment?


In here we can see that there is a scheme going on on this website.

There are complaints on another website like BBB, and after they registered to get access to everything on the platform they have asked for about $200. That’s a red flag on its own.

Like this person complains that he paid a $200 fee to join and he would be able to withdraw on the principle and profits. With that in mind, he pulled these funds out of credit card and deposited into his Click2Sell account. On April 22nd, her daughter got admitted.

He goes online to withdraw the money to pay for his daughter hospital, he even calls Click2sell.eu for the withdrawal, but they keep denying his request. You can continue reading on the image below.

Now, because of its sudden online uproar and created a hype in the affiliate marketing industry, there are a massive number of enthusiasts asking whether or not their program works.

There are many of them joined the company and regretted that decision within the day.

Below the website, there is toolbar button where you can click on the there Facebook website and tweeter and both are not working I even check it on facebook there are no click2sell.eu.

From there, I could see a lot of red flags, leading to my decision that this is not an excellent company to start.


Click2sell is a scam as you can see on the complaints and the red flags. And also you are just wasting your time in this company that will do you no good but to steal.

Click2sell is not an excellent business opportunity for your passive income.

The affiliate marketing industry is much more complicated than you have ever thought. It will get worse if you don’t get training or tools from the company itself to use to understand the entire system better.


click2sell scam - Pros
  • None


click2sell scam - Cons
  • Scam affiliate network
  • F rating on BBB
  • Inconsistent company details
  • Too good to be true
  • No training provided


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If you have any question or thought as whether Click2sell is a scam, feel free to leave a comment below and I will always reply!

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