ClickBank University Review

One of the most popular place to sell digital products is ClickBank. It has been around for more than a decade now and is enormously successful. The team behind it also created a training program to help you understand and learn how to sell your product on ClickBank. In this ClickBank University review, I’ll show you what’s inside this program and what it really cost.

The review will cover the following sections:

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ClickBank University review

Program Name: ClickBank University


Creator: Matt Hulett, Adam Horwitz, Justin Atlan

Price: $47/month

Upsells: $594 + $97

Recommendation: Yes, for product creators only

ClickBank University is the training program created by the team behind ClickBank. There is a distinctive advantage that they know first hand what’s working on the platform.

What's included in the ClickBank University

It was originally created to help product creators to launch new products on ClickBank. When they update the program to 2.0, another course for Affiliate Marketing is added.

The Publisher Track

The training course for product creators is the most valuable part of the whole program. It is divided into 12 weeks. You get extensive information and knowledge as how to create your own digital product and sell it on ClickBank. Also you will learn how to utilize the Affiliate network and let other people promote your product.

The product creator course or ‘Publisher Track’ as they call it consist of the following lessons:

The 12-week Publisher Track included in ClickBank University
  • Week 1: How everything works + setup for success
  • Week 2: Finding your perfect product
  • Week 3: Creating your avatar
  • Week 4: Course content creation & outsourcing
  • Week 5: Your perfect upsell to maximize sales
  • Week 6: High converting sales copy
  • Week 7: The ‘Easy’ VSL
  • Week 8: Finalizing your product via Builder etc.
  • Week 9: Getting up on ClickBank
  • Week 10: JV managing
  • Week 11: Split testing
  • Week 12: How to scale
  • Bonus: Selling high ticket products on webinars

The training here has good value. If you are looking to create your own digital product, ClickBank University is the training I would recommend.

The Affiliate Track

The other training course you get inside is the newly added Affiliate Marketing training. This is teaches you how to promote other people’s product and make commission through ClickBank. The training, ‘Affiliate Track’ as they call it, is divided into 8 weeks and consists the following:

The 8-week Affiliate Track included in ClickBank University
  • Week 1: Affiliate marketing on ClickBank
  • Week 2: Understanding Affiliate Marketing
  • Week 3: Finding your passion
  • Week 4: The ultimate affiliate funnel
  • Week 5: Free, free, free: always over deliver
  • Week 6: Writing the perfect swipe
  • Week 7: The Email blueprint
  • Week 8: Scaling and expanding
  • Bonus: Running affiliate promotions

This ‘Affiliate Track’ portion of the ClickBank University is a bit of a disappointment. As a newly added section, the information here is surprising outdated. It is also nowhere near as comprehensive as the ‘Publisher Track’.

So if you are looking to get started with Affiliate Marketing, ClickBank University is probably not your best bet.

Besides the two main training, there are a few other resources you get inside CBU.


There is a crash course on traffic. It is very limited and honestly not very useful. I feel they just put it there to tick the check box. The traffic section consists 1 Introduction, 3 parts on Facebook Ads and 3 parts on Instagram Ads. I am disappointed to see that all they can offer is Facebook and Instagram. What about Google, Yahoo, Bing, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube and tons of other paid and free traffic sources? Honestly, I would respect the program a lot more without this traffic section.

Live Q&A Webinar

Every week, there is a Live Webinar where member can attend and ask their questions. These covers various topics and could be overwhelming for beginners. The good news is that all past events are recorded and available for you to watch. I would encourage you to follow the basic training first before venture into these Webinars.


This is where members can interact and help each other. It is somewhat active but not massively so. People are willing to help each other and provide good and detailed answers and instructions in the chat forum.

Additional Training

They throw in some additional training about YouTube ads and Copywriting Guide. Again, just like the traffic section, these are half-hearted effort just to cover their bases. I don’t consider them to be valuable and you shouldn’t join ClickBank University for these.


There is a section where they put all relevant tools you might need in one place. That I find quite useful. They cover design, production, construction, optimization, and many other aspect of a online business. I certainly don’t recommend you to buy every tool they mention. Just use the ones you need and do your research online before any purchase.


When you first land on their sales page, they show you a long video to encourage you to join the program. They spend a long time talking about how people are successful on ClickBank and how they can make that happen for you as well. There are tons of hype and testimonials to sell the program.

During the sales video, they even spent significant time talking about how robots are going to take your job and that you really should start working for yourself. They claim it’s not to scare you but I suspect that’s exactly what it is.

The content of the ClickBank University is only briefly introduced in the sales video.

Once you join for $47 per month, you get access to the member’s area. There you will find the training, webinars, forum and toolkit.

The training however is mostly locked. You can initially only access the first few lessons. I suspect they do that to keep the recurring membership charges. Otherwise you can go through all the training in one month and cancel your membership. I don’t really have a problem with that although I have to say there must be a better way to keep your members.

After you become a member of the ClickBank University, they will push you to purchase the ClickBank Builder 2.0. It is a software to build website, landing page, etc. It’s actually not a bad software. The design is good, very easy to use with drag and drop style builder and tons of templates for you to choose from.

The catch here is the price of the ClickBank Builder 2.0. It costs $594. It is a one time charge but still way too expensive in my opinion. There are many similar tools out there for just a fraction of the cost.

To further push the upsell, ClickBank Builder is the software used in the training. So if you are a total beginner, you do need it to follow the courses.

The good part is that you website created by ClickBank Builder will be hosted by ClickBank. It allows you to better integrate your site with ClickBank. At the same time, be aware that you are now tied with ClickBank.

Since the ClickBank University is created by ClickBank, you are safe with your money and they are sure to honer their refund policy. ClickBank is one of the reputable platforms on the market right now and they have been operating with good ethics for years.


ClickBank University is not a scam. You do get extensive training on how to create your own digital product and sell it on ClickBank. This part of the training is pure gold and very rare to find elsewhere.

The Affiliate training and other part of the program are unfortunately limited. Information is mostly outdated and they only cover a very small fraction of the business model.

I can honestly recommend ClickBank University for anyone who tries to create their own product and sell on ClickBank. For $47 per month, it is no doubt worth it.

As for the ClickBank Builder 2.0, I think you can do better with some third party software that does the same thing but cost significantly less. $594 is quite over-priced even with hosting included.

For those who are trying to set started with Affiliate Marketing, ClickBank is not the best place to go. You will most likely be confused and might even loss a lot of money on paid traffic, which is what they teach.


Yes, there is!

If you are trying to start Affiliate Marketing, you need to find better training then the ClickBank University.

If you want to create your own product, you need to realize that you don’t have to do it with ClickBank. You can always have your own website and just promote it through ClilckBank. The ClickBank University is not needed for you to join the ClickBank platform.

The training I have been using to build my online business and make a living out of it is a lot more complete. It covers all aspects of the business and teaches you all the best practice of the industry.

Unlike ClickBank University, the training I use emphasis on free organic traffic. This is the best traffic, not just because its free. But because it’s sustainable and a lot more targeted. People landed on your site from search engine are a lot more likely to convert.

Best of all, It’s FREE!

With this training, you will learn to build your online presence from the ground up. You won’t be dependent on any platform or any program.

The knowledge and skills you learn will help you no matter you work as an Affiliate or you create your own product.

You will also learn to sell and promote through any platform, not just ClickBank.


If you have any thought or question about whether ClickBank University is a scam, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below and I will always reply!

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2 thoughts on “ClickBank University Review”

  1. Hello Wei,

    very interesting product review. I think you cover the most important aspects of an affiliate program as well as a learning academy.

    I especially liked the insider approach where you used your own experience. It looks convincing and I would try it myself.

    Good luck!

    1. Hi Tim,

      Welcome and thank you for the comment. I do my research for every review I write and try my best to provide insights to my readers.
      I’m glad you find it useful. Do come back for more reviews and guides.

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