ConversioBot Review: AI Chatbot for The Future?

ChatBot has been around for a few years now. It’s mainly be used by large companies to engage with their customers and generate leads. ConversioBot claims to be the solutions for underdogs like you and me. If you are looking for a chatbot on your website, this is the one software you need to check out. In this ConversioBot review, I’ll show you what’s behind the scene and what you get for your money.

I will try to answer the following four questions in this review. Be the end of it, you will have enough information to draw your own conclusion about ConversioBot

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WHAT IS ConversioBot?

ConversioBot claims to explode sales and generate massive email list

Program Name: ConversioBot


Creator: Simon Wood et al.

Price: $37

Upsells: Yes

Recommendation: WORTH A TRY

ConversioBot is a cloud based Software as a Service (SaaS) product that adds a chatbot to your website.

A chatbot is an AI powered automated conversational tool to engage with your website visitors and further encourage them to take actions.

There are many use of a chatbot. By engaging with visitors, it can help increase sales through offering discount. It can also encourage people to opt in your email list or share your content on their social media platforms.

On their sales page, besides the usually sales video, there are a lot of information and details about the ConversioBot. This is usually a good sign that the creators are confident about their product and are willing to show you what exactly it is.There are instructions and some demo videos to showcase the functions of this product.

One of the features of ConversioBot is that it is very easy to use. With 3 steps you can have your chatbot up and running on your website:

  • Step 1: Choose a done-for-you template
  • Step 2: Let the software generate code
  • Step 3: Copy paste that code to your website

What I don’t like from their sales page and sales video is the hype. They claim that with ConversioBot, you will be able to explode your sales and generate massive email list. I have no doubt that this software would help for some types of websites. But it is not going to work on every website. Be cautious and realistic with your expectations.


For $37, you get the main software ConveresioBot.

On the dashboard when you first log in, there is an introduction video. This will give you a brief rundown of the platform and user interface.

Below that is a list of upsells that you can choose for yourself. I like the fact that they just simply list them there with the benefits you get for each one of them. There is no pop ups or any cheap tactics to push you purchase the upsells.

Several upsells on top of ConversioBot
  • Done For You Pro ($97) – Adds 75 more pre-made templates and monthly update of new templates. It also gives you the commercial license to sell these chatbots
  • AutoChat Bot Builder ($47) – Easy-to-use builder that can generate a chatbot in seconds. All you need to do is fill in some forms.
  • ConversioBot Extreme ($67) – Many advanced functions including creating full-page chatbot that forces your visitors to interact with, embed bots in your content, delay the bots for showing up and using bots as an exit strategy.
  • ConversioBot Agency License ($87) – License to sell and outsource your chatbots. This is mainly for people who want to sell bots to their clients.

On the left side, you have many different sections. Some of them are included in the base product and others are exclusive to upsells.

You can access to My Bots to find a list of bots that you created and running on your websites. Go to Chatbot Templates to find tons of pre-made templates for you to choose from. I like that they divide all templates into groups according to different types of websites.

With the preview button, you can easily see the bot in action and you can interact with it. If you decide to use one of the templates, this is where you will find the code to copy and paste onto your website.

The Training section is a good surprise. Unlike many other SaaS products, ConversioBot comes with a very comprehensive training. They are also well organized into categories and all of them are high quality video tutorials. You will not only learn how to use the product but also gain knowledge and practices as how to customize your chatbots. There are tutorials covering how to gather data and run analysis on the results your chatbot generates. I honestly think they have everything covered when it comes to chatbots.

Under the setting menu, you can link ConversioBot with your email autoresponders. Currently they support only four autoresponders. I couldn’t find any info whether that will be expanded in the future.

  • AWeber
  • MailChimp
  • Sendlane
  • GetResponse

After messing with the bot myself, I have to say it’s not as smart as I would expect. It is not going to fool anyone into thinking it as a real person. The responses are clearly pre-defined.

It is a nice addon to any website and it’s fun to play with. However, I am a bit concerned on its impact on loading speed of your page. If your site heavily rely on organic traffic, it could negatively impact your performance on ranking since search engines generally prefer fast loading sites.

IS ConversioBot SCAM OR LEGIT?

ConversioBot is NOT a scam. It is a legit software that is easy to use and fun to engage.

Most of the sales materials are honest and ConversioBot definitely delivers.

The chatbot you create is well designed, customizable and functions without issue. I do find myself clicking buttons and typing answers with the bots.

Does it explode sales and generate massive email lists? Is it for everyone and every type of websites? I don’t think so. A chatbot obviously works better on some sites than others. I totally understand the urge to have that fancy new technology on your website. But before you do, find out first if your site needs a chatbot at all.


That depends, really.

If you have already decided that you want a chatbot for your website, ConversioBot is a good product to check out. It’s super easy to use and does its job well.

However, I do need to point it out to you that there are several well-received free WordPress plugins that can add a chatbot for you. They are probably not as easy to use as the ConversioBot nor are they as powerful. But those are free plugins. Run your cost-benefit analysis.

Since you need to have a running online business and a good understanding of it, ConversioBot is not for any beginners. Even though it is easy to use, you would just waste your money if you don’t even know why you need a chatbot.

So, if you are looking for solutions to help you get started with making money online, a chatbot is not what you need right now. To any beginners, learn the basics and build a healthy foundation is more important than any fancy technologies.

I always recommend affiliate marketing to any beginners.

The training I use can help you build your online presence from the ground up. It’s comprehensive and covers everything you need to know about affiliate marketing. And yet, it’s not overwhelming. Each lesson comes with step-by-step tutorials that you can easily follow.

Best part of the training is that it’s 100% FREE!

I’m not talking about free trial with a time limit. You can remain a free member for as long as you want.

I’ll throw in a Bonus just to welcome you to my site. If you grab my free guide, I’ll show you how to have your first website up and running with free domain and free hosting. What that means is that you can get your online business started with absolutely zero investment.

Besides the best of the best training and the free websites, you also get the chance to join an amazing community. These are like-minded people who will be there to help you, support you and most importantly, inspire you.

This is to me the most important and valuable aspect. I see so many people put in their hard work and just quit before they make it. With this community, you will have the strength to push through hard times and get rewarded in the end.


If you have any question or thought as whether ConversioBot is a scam, feel free to leave a comment below and I will always reply!

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Ease of use









  • PRODUCT NAME: ConversioBot
  • CREATOR: Simon Wood et al.
  • UPSELL: Yes

4 thoughts on “ConversioBot Review: AI Chatbot for The Future?”

  1. Hey Wei,
    thanks for a detailed and informative review. Chatbot seems to be very popular recently and most importantly it shows the increased conversion after its installation.

    ConversionBot seems to be a good alternative for chatbots, can you pl tell me if it has a license for one site or can we have on multiple sites?


    1. Hi there,

      Welcome to my review and thank you for the comment. Depending on the type of business you are running, a chatbot can be very helpful. Do make sure you need one before purchase though.

      You can have the bots on multiple sites. But only for your own use. If you were to sell these bots to your clients, you need to purchase one of the upsells to get commercial license.

  2. Something I like about these is that they’re easy to use and incorporate. While the pricing may be a little high with the upsells, I’m glad to see there’s a WP plugin that can be used in instead. Since my own sites are WP-based, I may look into those first but as I continue to dive into new niches, I know sooner or later some will need a chatbot of some shape or form.

    1. Hi Todd,

      Nice to see you again. There are indeed free plugins to add a chatbot on your website. They are however not as user friendly as ConversioBot. I do believe that it’s worth the price if your website can benefit from a chatbot.

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