Is Earn Easy Commissions Scam? – Find Out The Big Reveal

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Is Earn Easy Commissions scam? One of the stuff you want to know about to change is whether or not it’s a scam.

You wouldn’t want to get caught in an awkward place where the business is shutting down without notice or being shut down for reasons of non-compliance or bad ownership.

We will dig into the business information, to assist us in determining whether is Earn Easy Commissions is the right way to earn money online or just a scam that will not be around for a while.

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Program Name: Earn Easy Commissions


Creator: Chuck Nguyen

Price: Free

Recommendation: No

Earn Easy Commissions is an online marketing and sales tool that enables customers to sign up free of charge and begin making cash by having others to sign up.

It was founded by Chuck Nguyen, who was the creator of another program called the “Digital Elites Academy” and also the owner of a domain name called, but it is now not active anymore.

Earn Easy Commissions ‘ idea is that you can make money on your own with everything automatically done for you.

Earn Easy Commissions reminds me of many other programs that promise that without any job, you can earn very quickly.

Some of them promise you how to earn quick cash like Easy Cash Club, Cash Formula, and many more. Honestly, there is no easy way to make money very quickly. You have to work hard on it to succeed.


We will break down every detail on how to get started and what to expect when you sign up to Earn Easy Commissions.

Create An Account Free Earn Easy Commissions

You must start by creating a free account by filling out your details on the page capture similar to the one you see above.

You will need to verify the email address you receive in your email inbox after you sign up for credit.

Set-Up Payment And Information

You will want to go through the setup videos when you checked in and get your payment information set up and take note of your affiliate links. These are the links you’ll share with your leads, traffic, and prospects.

Earn Commissions

If you want to remain a free member and earn the minimal commissions, they offer only for referring upgraded and active paid accounts, or if you are upgrading to one of the paid levels, then you will start sharing your links with everyone.

By sharing your links and opportunity with everyone you have or can get in touch with, you will eventually receive sign-ups and commissions. You will get paid once you earn commissions.

How To Make Money On Earn Easy Commission

The compensation plan is a 2-up pay plan type affiliate in which your 2nd staff and the second personally referred referrals receive commissions from your qualified sponsor or upline.

There are 4 membership levels that you can get started are:

Free Member – As a free member, you can earn $1 from an active member who personally sponsored and $1 from members of the VIP Level.

Active Member – Active members are still members of the free membership, but they must purchase GetResponse and ClickMagick through the ECC system to be considered “active” status.

You will earn:

  • $20 from Pro Level upgrades.
  • $10 for pass up commissions.

Pro Level – You can earn the same as a free member, but you will have tracking links of the additional affiliate tools that include: ClickMagick and GetResponse

You must become a subscriber on these two platforms, and I believe that you have to become a monthly ClickMagic subscriber to become an affiliate, and GetResponse isn’t required.

You will earn:

  • $5 from active members.
  • $100 from Pro Level upgraded members.
  • $50 from pass up Pro Level upgrades.

VIP Member – You will receive training, access to the “Inner Circle,” list building system, academy of digital elites, and more when you join this level.

You will earn:

  • Upgrades to VIP class # 1 $2,000. (the Minus charge for administration)
  • $500 VIP Member Level # 2 Package.
  • Earn from GetResponse Upgrades
  • Earn from ClickMagick Upgrades

Know you know how the compensation plan works for now and how you make money 

For whom is Earn Easy Commissions?

Earn Easy Commissions is aimed at those fresh to affiliate marketing, and need a comfortable space to get started on a website where they are virtually set up for everything else.

This website is also suitable for those who don’t have to begin with an enormous budget, there is nothing too challenging or expensive, particularly when you’re just beginning.

It can be simpler to get started with than some of the affiliation sites with higher-tickets.

However, this website is not intended for anyone with a small percentage of affiliate marketing.

Many users think it is almost too easy, which lends itself to the idea that it doesn’t make any real cash. And in reality, after too long, individuals who use Earn Easy Commissions often give up.

Because there is no actual product, it’s fantastic for those in virtual marketing who need to create cash from their laptop or desktop alone.

It is really hard to sell because the website itself has no value.


Earn Easy Commissions is a scam, I will put the details on why its a scam and you have to stay away.

EARN EASY COMMISSIONS COns Product NOT recommended by
  • the website’s CEO and founder have involved in Ponzi schemes and that closely related to a pyramid scheme that’s a big NO for me.
  • There is no real product to sell, which means there is no real value for life.
  • You need to buy the money-making program to make cash from the website.
  • The website does it all and stuns the ability of the user to learn how to use useful marketing abilities on their own

This affiliate marketing plan when it comes to this, there are many things to consider. But overall, we don’t believe it has anything fresh or significant to give, and it could end up being just a waste of your time.


There is.

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The training I have been using to build my online business and make a living out of it is a lot more complete. It covers all aspects of the business and teaches you all the best practice of the industry.

It will teach you how to build your online presence from the ground up. The training also emphasis on free organic traffic, which is the best source of traffic.

This will allow you to create a full-time income from your online business. What’s amazing is that once your online presence is built, it will continue to generate money for years to come. It is truly the passive income everybody is dreamed of.

Even though it covers everything you need to know about affiliate marketing, you will not be overwhelmed by it. There are step-by-step tutorials in every lesson. They are easy to follow no matter your skill level and previous experience.

Best of all, it is 100% FREE!

We’re not talking about a time-limited free trial here. You can remain a free member for as long as you want.

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Besides the top-notch training and free websites, you also get a chance to join an amazing community. These are like-minded people who are willing to help you, support you and most importantly inspire you.

This is to be the most important and valuable part. I have seen so many people putting in their hard work and give up right before they see the result. With the help of this community, you will gain the strength to push through hard times and eventually be rewarded.

So stop buying into hypes and looking for shortcuts, take your business seriously and take action TODAY!


If you have any question or thought as whether is Earn Easy Commissions a scam, feel free to leave a comment below and I will always reply!

Let’s Make Money!

Wei from is earn easy commissions scam

Earn Easy Commissions





  • PRODUCT NAME: Earn Easy Commissions
  • CREATOR: Chuck Nguyen

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