Is Gold Opinions A Scam? Make Money With Surveys The Wrong Way!

Is Gold Opinions A Scam? Make Money With Surveys The Wrong Way!

Gold Opinions





  • PRODUCT NAME: Gold Opinions
  • CREATOR: Unknown

Taking surveys is a legit way to make some side income on the internet. If you have some experience with surveys, you would know that it’s not possible to earn a full-time income. You usually get paid less than $1 for each survey and you can probably make a couple hundred dollars a month if you work really hard. Now there is a product out there called Gold Opinions which claims to be able to generate anywhere between $500 and $5,000 a month. This sounds too good to be true. Join me in my review and let’s find out if Gold Opinions is a scam.

Throughout my Gold Opinions review, there is no affiliate link to this product. This is because I do not promote products that I don’t recommend. You can rest assured to get an honest and unbiased review from me.

This review will try to answer the following four questions. It should give you a clear understanding of Gold Opinions and whether it’s worth your money.

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WHAT IS Gold Opinions?

The sales page of Gold Opinions

Program Name: Gold Opinions


Creator: Unknown

Price: $1 for 7-days trail, then $27/month

Recommendation: STAY AWAY!

Gold Opinions is a membership site where you can find surveys to complete. It claims that you would be able to find Premium surveys that pays up to $50 per survey.

Taking surveys is a newbie friendly process. You do not need any knowledge, skill or experience to make money from surveys.

According to the sales material, you can make thousands of dollars per month by taking surveys on Gold Opinions. If this were true, it would be unique since I’ve never heard of any survey site that you can make that amount of income.


Red Flags

Before I show you what’s inside the member’s area of Gold Opinions and share with you my thoughts on this product, I would like to highlight some red flags I’ve noticed.

Vague Sales Page – The salse page of Gold Opinions contains many testimonials and a lot of promises. However there is no detailed information about the product itself. It does not explain exactly how this product works. This is usually a good signal that whoever is behind Gold Opinions does not want you to know the true nature of this product. What’s also missing on a sales page is the price of this product. It only tells you to join a 7 Days trial. There is no information as to how much it would cost you.

Fake Credentials of Gold Opinions

Fake Credentials – On the sales page of Gold Opinions, there are several credentials that claims this product is being featured on prestige platforms. These include msnbc, Yahoo News etc. The purpose is to convince you that Gold Opinions is legit and well-known. Unfortunately all these credentials are fake. This is a quite common tactic from scammy products.

Fake Testimonials of Gold Opinions

Fake Testimonials – The testimonials you see on the sales page of Gold Opinions are all fake. The images of these people are snatched from the internet and the identities are fabricated.

Fake Identity – Not only are the testimonials fake, the identity of the owner of Gold Opinions is also suspicious. Gold Opinions is supposed to be owned by a guy named Paul Parker. However after researching around the internet, I couldn’t find any information about this person. Most likely it is a fake identity to protect the true creator of Gold Opinions. This is again a very common tactic used by scammy products.

Unrealistic Claims of Gold Opinions

Unrealistic Claims – As I have said multiple times in this review, taking surveys does not make you the big bucks. The most you can expect is a couple hundred dollars a month and you have to work really hard for that. I have never heard anyone making thousands of dollars a month by taking surveys. The income potential claimed by Gold Opinions is simply too good to be true.

Pay to Play – Another red flag about Gold Opinions is the fact that you have to pay to take surveys. This is simply unheard of. All the legitimate survey sites are free to join and you don’t need to pay to take surveys. The whole point of making money online by taking surveys is that it’s totally free. Combined with the fact that you can’t make a lot of money by taking surveys, this could be very dangerous in the sense that not only would you not make money on Gold Opinions, you are most likely to lose money instead.

Inside The Member’s Area

After going through the payment process of Gold Opinions, it is finally clear how much it would cost you. You will have to pay $1 for the 7-Days trial and then $27 each month.

After gaining access to the member’s area of Gold Opinions, the first thing I noticed is that there is no survey offered by Gold Opinions. All the surveys you can find are offered by third party companies. This means that Gold Opinions is merely a portal or middleman in the process.

Not only does Gold Opinions make money from your membership subscription, it also makes commissions every time you join of the survey sites.

There are two main sections inside the member’s area.

The first one is called Premium Surveys. This is where you can find high paying surveys offered by other companies. However I couldn’t find any of them paying $50 per survey.

Since all these surveys are offered by other companies, you can find all of them for free on the internet.

The second section contains surveys grouped by country. This could be a convenient feature for someone who’s not living in the United States. However just like the Premium Surveys, all the surveys here are offered by other companies and thus can be found on the internet for free.

IS Gold Opinions SCAM OR LEGIT?

Product NOT recommended by

Yes there is no doubt in my mind that Gold Opinions is a scam.

You will be charged $27 a month for taking surveys that you can find on the internet for free. Gold Opinions does not offer any value whatsoever.

Like I explained before, you don’t make big money with surveys. So if you have to pay $27 every month to take surveys, you are more likely to lose money. That’s what makes Gold Opinions a very dangerous product.

Based on the fake testimonials, fake credentials and fake identity, it is clear to me that whoever is behind Gold Opinions has every intent to lie and trick you for your hard earned money.

I highly recommend anyone to stay away from Gold Opinions.


Yes there is.

If you are looking to make some side income by taking surveys online, there are several legitimate survey sites where you can join for free.

However do not expect to make thousands of dollars per month. It is not a business model that can replace your full time job. Here’s a real life case study where you can find what to expect from taking surveys online.

If you want to find something that can provide you with a full time income, I would recommend you to check out affiliate marketing.

This is the business model that I always recommend to beginners.

Affiliate marketing is really easy to get started and the earnings potential is almost unlimited.

Unfortunately, just like Gold Opinions, there are many scammy products on the internet about affiliate marketing. To get started with affiliate marketing the right way, all you really need is proper and high-quality training.

The training I have been using to build my online business and make a living out of it is a lot more complete. It covers all aspects of the business and teaches you all the best practice of the industry.

It will teach you how to build your online presence from the ground up. The training also emphasis on free organic traffic, which is the best source of traffic.

This will allow you to create a full time income from your online business. What’s amazing is that once your online presence is built, it will continue to generate money for years to come. It is truly the passive income everybody is dreamed of.

Even though it covers everything you need to know about affiliate marketing, you will not be overwhelmed by it. There are step-by-step tutorials in every lesson. They are easy to follow no matter your skill level and previous experience.

Best of all, it is 100% FREE!

We’re not talking about a time limited free trial here. You can remain a free member for as long as you want.

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Besides the top notch training and free websites, you also get a chance to join an amazing community. These are like-minded people who are willing to help you, support you and most importantly inspire you.

This is to me the most important and valuable part. I have seen so many people putting in their hard work and give up right before they see result. With the help of this community, you will gain the strength to push through hard times and eventually be rewarded.

So stop buying into hypes and looking for shortcuts, take your business seriously and take action TODAY!


If you have any question or thought as whether Gold Opinions is a scam, feel free to leave a comment below and I will always reply!

Let’s Make Money!

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