Insider Profit Groups Review – Scam or $1k/day?

There is a brand new product on the market right now that will transform your life by turning $9 into $11,252 per month. Or will it? Follow my Insider Profit Groups review and I will show you what you get insider and whether it’s the magic as promised or just another scam.

Throughout this review, you won’t find any affiliate links. Because I am not promoting Insider Profit Groups. You can expect an unbiased and honest review from me.

Keep reading and you will find the answers to the following questions.

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Big claims from Insider Profit Groups. Does it deliver?

Program Name: Insider Profit Groups


Creator: Unknown

Price: $9

Upsells: $441

Recommendation: STAY AWAY

The sales page of Insider Profit Groups reminds me many products I have reviewed before, like Silk Road Effect and Bulletproof Profits.

They share the same design and philosophy. You see a catchy title that this product is going to turn $9 into $11,252 per month, a sales video for you to watch and that’s it.

There is no information at all about the product, what’s in it, what it does, etc.

The beginning of the sales video is already a red flag. It starts by trying to scare you.

According to the video, we live in bad times now. Jobs are being lost, marriages broken and homes destroyed. It is such a cheap tactic that I hope you see through it right away.

After the scare tactic, it tells a personal story trying to relate to you. How he lost his bakery business and how his marriage was facing challenges.

Right, so the world is a mess and your life is difficult. How to save it? Here comes the big secret that is exclusively known to only the big boys.

This secret is so easy that you don’t need any skill, knowledge or experience. You won’t have to write anything, build a website or work at all. It’s full on autopilot!

Apparently, it’s a Facebook marketing strategy utilizing the Facebook group function. By creating your own group and using auto-messengers, you can promote product and get commission.

Following the system, it promise you to make $1k per day and that’s going to save your marriage and turn around your life.


Just by looking at the sales page and watching the sales video, I already get a bad feeling about this. But let me show you what’s really inside the Insider Profit Groups that’s going to cost you initially $9 to join.

The member’s area is surprising simple and clean. There are four sections besides a welcome message.

Members Area of Insider Profit Groups

Messenger Marketing

Apparently, messenger marketing is EXPLODING right now and you are suppose to learn that with the two guides in this section.

These are two PDF eBooks that focus on how to leverage the chat-bot on Facebook to promote products and get commissions.

However, it’s clear that the materials are from older products like the China Secret, which is no longer available. This is simply a repackaging of old stuff.

Insider Profit Groups

This is suppose to be the meat of this product. This is where we learn the big secret about how to use Facebook groups to promote products and get commissions on autopilot.

Guess what? It’s not live yet. There is nothing inside this section but some place holders for future launch.


For some reason, there’s a Cryptocurrency section here.

Inside are PDF eBooks on collecting free Cryptocurrency and a calendar to do so.

Why is there training on Cryptocurrency? This is not mentioned in the sales video at all.


As if it’s not confusing enough, they throw in an eCommerce section as well.

Under there you get some more eBooks on drop shipping. And some of it talks about eBay drop shipping, which is not the best choice for drop shipping right now. Just like the others, materials here are clearly out-dated. Probably another repackaging of old products.


For $9, you get some out-dated eBooks. Want more? Here are the upsells:

  • Platinum Group – $197
  • Crypto Millionaires Calendar – $147
  • Diamond Profit Booster – $97


Insider Profit Groups is a scam and I suggest you stay away from it.

It makes false claim that you can turn $9 into $11,252 per month. The total cost of the product is not even $9, it’s more than $400.

What you get inside is some disappointing, useless, out-dated eBooks repackaged from older programs, like the China Secret.

The training is everywhere. You would expect a system on Facebook groups and yet you get stuff on Cryptocurreny and eCommerce. There are totally different business models and requires very different sets of skills to succeed.

And the main part of the training is not even there. The part that suppose to show you how to use Facebook groups to make commissions fully on autopilot is not launched yet. This is the part what we are paying for.

To sum up, you pay more than $400 and you get a bunch of out-dated eBooks on topics that are totally unrelated to each other. And the part that’s going to save your marriage and turn your life around is not even finished yet.


Yes, there is.

There are many ways to make money online. You can start with Affiliate Marketing, drop shipping, cryptocurrency or simply the stock market.

But do realize that each and every method is complicated in itself and requires your full attention. You simply can not start with them all at once. Focus on one business model and work for it.

The model I use is Affiliate Marketing. It’s by far the most newbie friendly model to make real money online. It also is the one that requires the least initial investment.

To start with Affiliate Marketing, proper training is crucial. And we are talking about more than just a few eBooks.

The training I use has a complete system that covers everything you need to know about Affiliate Marketing. It guides you step-by-step to build your online presence, which will keep making you money for years to come.

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Besides the training, you will get to join a community of like-minded people. They are eager to help you and inspire you along the journey. You will never be alone!

With proper training and a community to belong to, you will be able to build and create your own online business that’s going to make you real money around the clock. Just don’t expect it to save your marriage!

Best of all, it’s FREE!

I will show you how to get started with zero investment and you can have your first free website launch today!

Act now and get your business started!


If you have any question or thought as whether Insider Profit Groups is a scam, feel free to leave a comment below and I will always reply!

Let’s Make Money!

Insider Profit Groups





  • PRODUCT NAME: Insider Profit Groups
  • CREATOR: Unknown
  • UPSELLS: $441

2 thoughts on “Insider Profit Groups Review – Scam or $1k/day?”

  1. Its good that you do this review of Insider, not everyone would pick up on the problems. Especially someone who is trying to learn knew ways to come ahead, it really bothers me personally when these “companies” target the people who need the money the most. I mean do they really thing that these scams are going to take the eye of a well to do person.

    Great job in informing us all, and I can say personally wealthy affiliate is just that a wealth of information and great training. Even once you finish your training courses there are many sources within the community to learn more.

    1. Hi Amanda,

      Welcome and thanks for your comment. You are absolutely right. These companies target newbies and try to take advantage of them. That’s why nowadays, research before buy is so crucial!

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