Is Carvertise A Scam – Is It A Legit Company To Earn Some Extra Income?

Welcome to my Carvertise scam review.

It says that Carvertise is an advertising company where it allows you to rent out the outside of your car for advertising.

It also said that you could earn money with them.

Now let’s see if it’s true or not you can earn in this company.

In this review, we are going to take an in-depth look at Carvertise and see what this company does and how much you can earn.

This review will try to answer the following four questions. It should give you a clear understanding if Carvertise is a scam or not and whether it’s worth your time.

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Is Carvertise A Scam - website

Program Name: Carvertise


Creator: Greg Star

Price: Free

Recommendation: Depends

Mac Nagaswami founded Carvertise in the year 2012.

It was originally called PenguinAds before it became Carvertise.

Carvertise is an advertising company that pays drivers like you and me to place removable advertisements of major brands on your car.

We drive like we usually do, and the brands get some exposure to other drivers.


Carvertise is a free website where you can register as a driver.

The company will find an advertiser who wants to market their brand on your car.

After that, you’re going to take your car to Carvertise, and they will wrap your vehicle with ad stickers.

The adhesive that they use is compatible with the car paint job, and your car will remain wrapped depending on the length of the ad campaign offer you get.

How To Join The Company?

It is free to register if you want to become a Carvertise Driver you need to fill in your personal information the details about your car and answer some questions like where you usually drive.

After that, Carvertise will contact you to see if you are interested and to organize the details.

Here are the requirements needed before you apply:

  • Drive at least 30 miles/day.
  • Have a clean driving record.
  • Own a 2008 or newer model car.
  • You have to be living in the U.S.

If you have these requirements, then you can apply to them.

How Much Does Carvertise Pay?

Once you register as a driver and start working, you can earn $100 per month, which is the standard rate for the campaign.

For more specialized campaigns or paint jobs that are a little more complex, the advertiser will pay up to $200/month.

For the payment, you will be paid based on a campaign, and each campaign is different that some can run anywhere from 3 to 6 months.

So you can earn anywhere from $300-$600 per campaign.

Is Carvertise Accredited With BBB?

Yes, Carvertise is accredited with BBB, and they rated the company A- which is a good rate.

However, just like other companies, there will be complaints about it, so with Carvertose, there are only 3 complaints so far.

Does Carvertise Have An App?

Yes, Carvertise has an app where you can download it on the Apple store or Google store depends on what mobile you use.

Does Carvertise Have Social Media?

Yes, Carvertise has a social media page where you can find it below on their main page.

This is great because you don’t have to email them you can message them directly through their social media if you have a problem.


Carvertise is not a scam. It is a legitimate company where you can earn money just by driving.

The company will pay you without any delays or any other issues.

This job is not that bad if you want to earn some extra cash, but this job relies on you if you’re being picked as a driver.

As you can see, it’s not something you really have much control over if you’re looking for consistent income.

Either way, I’d love to hear what you can say about this company.


  • There are no fees to join
  • Earn some money driving
  • You’ll have the option to remove if you want to remove the wrap 
  • you can remove the wraps when the campaign period ends or as the company to remove it.
  • You can earn additional income by parking your wrapped car in certain places at given times.


  • Low chance that you won’t get picked as a driver
  • Not a full-time income
  • Some say the company does a bit of false advertising when it comes to promoting the service to drivers.
  • The car might damage while removing the ads


Now you know what Carvertise is and how much you can earn if you join this company.

I know that some of you might be a little disappointed with the opportunity.

But no worries because there are other ways for you to earn money where you can even do it from the comfort of your home.

Unlike Carvertise, you don’t need to have specific requirements to join, and the only thing that it needs is patience willing to learn and hard work.

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If you have any questions or thought as to whether Carvertise is a scam, feel free to leave a comment below and I will always reply!

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  • PRODUCT NAME: Carvertise
  • CREATOR:Greg Star
  • RECOMMENDED? Depends

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