MyPoints A Scam- Is It A Legit Online Paid Survey – 2019 Review

MyPoints A Scam- Is It A Legit Online Paid Survey – 2019 Review










  • PRODUCT NAME: Mypoints
  • CREATOR: Unknown

Online money can be earned through prize programs and survey sites in multiple ways. There are many different options out there, and there are plenty of competitors to choose from. Various rewards sites on their website offer different things to complete the task. Is MyPoints a scam we will find out in these MyPoints review and know more about it.

MyPoints have been around for a long time, but in recent years it has become more popular, especially as rewards programs like this are becoming much more popular.

We’ll find out precisely what the platform is, whether it’s a legitimate site, how it compares with similar rewards and survey sites, and whether or not it’s worth signing up. There are many MyPoints-like sites, but which one is best for you? Read on to find out if it is the best option.

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MyPoints Review 2019 - Is It A Legit Online Paid Survey?

Program Name: Mypoints


Creator: Unkown

Price: Free

Recommendation: Yes

MyPoints is an online pay-in-point reward program. You may wonder what programs for rewards are? Well, when performing specific tasks on MyPoints you would typically do, such as shopping, playing games, printing coupons, and reading emails, you can gain points that can be redeemed for cash, coupons, or gift cards.

You have the chance to participate in surveys, click on sponsored links, and participate in trial offers to earn bonus points. These points accumulate over time, and gift cards can be exchanged for them. The points are about 62 cents each, which means you need to earn 1600 points to cash out a $10 gift card.

You can earn money on MyPoints, redeeming points for gift cards is much more beneficial as you get a much higher value for your points than with a simple cash-out option.


Mypoints is an online reward site considered among other sites to be a pioneer and leader. They make online purchases in their network from retailers, and users can earn reward points each time a transaction is complete. The points can then be redeemed by users for gift cards, cashback (via PayPal) or travel miles. For most rewards, the minimum payout is $10, but payment via PayPal begins at $25.

MyPoints operates like how you can earn credit card rewards. You can receive rewards on the site for doing stuff you would normally do anyway. Similar to how you can accumulate points on a credit card to purchase things you already buy.

The site runs under, a California-based organization that is a United Online, Inc. subsidiary, a multi-million-dollar corporation owning multiple sites such as FTD, Juno, and NetZero. By providing you the best rate on certain gift cards, this company encourages cashing out using gift cards. Even though you can cash out through PayPal, for each point, you get 0.55 cents, which is much more than the 10 percent discount on the value of the points you have.

Users earn points by completing specific tasks, such as completing a survey, making an online transaction, playing a game, or other tasks that can be found on the MyPoints website. Gaining points is relatively easy, and the more things you’re involved in, the more points you can earn.

Mypoints Signup Process

MyPoints Review 2019 - Is It A Legit Online Paid Survey?

MyPoints are free of charge. There are some conditions, however: you must fill accurate information while registering, and you need to be a U.S. or Canadian citizen, and you must be 18 years of age or older. You may get overwhelmed once you have verified your account because the site is enormous, so be ready.

There are many methods you can gain points and cash on MyPoints, so beginners can find this overwhelming. Once you get the hang on how to use the site and how to earn points, you will find that the process of navigating and making points is quite simple.

It is important to enter the specific details when signing up because it will affect the rewards you are eligible to receive and how you are being paid. Many of the offers you qualify for will be sent straight to you via e-mail. You can easily find out which reward projects you can take part to earn points. It is also important to check the site regularly, however, as they often offer bonus points and offers that are time-limited and therefore not e-mailed. So be sure to check always when you have free time, so you can earn the best possible rewards.

How To Make Money with Mypoints

There are many ways to earn points using MyPoints and make money. This includes many ways more than many competitors and other reward sites. Below are some of the effective ways to earn a reward in MyPoints:

MyPoints Surveys

MyPoints Review 2019 - Is It A Legit Online Paid Survey?

You will receive online surveys you qualify for via email, and this is one of the best ways to earn money on MyPoints. When you complete an online survey that lasts about 10 minutes, you get paid 50 points, which will be around $0.35.

One nice feature is that you still get 10 points even if you are disqualified for a survey! That means you earn about $0.07 for every attempted survey, regardless of whether or not you could complete it.

MyPoints is an excellent site for completing surveys to earn money. If you’re interested in participating in surveys anyway, you could also make some money while finishing them, and MyPoints has all the tools on the platform to do this.

There’s a lot of competition for survey sites out there, so it’s up to you to be the most beneficial.

Shopping Online

MyPoints Review 2019 - Is It A Legit Online Paid Survey?

MyPoints has a wide range of partners that can give you shopping bonus points through their portal to get access to some of the popular online shopping websites.

Even though the rewards are not as good as those you will get using top shopping reward sites, they aren’t far away and can be nice if you try to consolidate your efforts using more programs.

They give you a percentage of every online purchase you make in the form of cashback when you shop using their website.

This is a great way to gain or earn extra points, especially if you’re just buying things you’d have done regardless. Online shopping is a hobby and something most people do from time to time, so why wouldn’t you just want to make money by doing something you’d have done anyway?

Reading email

The website sends you emails with links that you will need to click to earn 5 points (around $0.035). Going through one email will take about 10 to 15 seconds on average. If you decide to take advantage of the offer, you can earn additional points.

With this, be sure to check your emails regularly for new rewards opportunities as some of them are time-limited, or may be available only on a first-come, first-served basis.

To get the best results and get the most rewards from the site, it is important to keep up to date on all the current email offers that are sent to you.

Easy points

There is some easy way to earn MyPoints membership rewards. When you visit the site once a month and click on the section on “Easy Points,” you will be asked if you need a contractor to work at home, or if you want to save money on coupon groceries. Click on “I don’t” to give you another offer to earn points by clicking on a link. Every time you do it, you will receive 5 points ($0.035). You can also earn points when you search their site for certain offers.

The bonus points are a great way to increase your balance of rewards points and redeem larger offers. It is important to check the sites regularly for updates and check for additional opportunities to earn points.

The higher your rewards are, the more points you can earn, so be aware of any additional points you can earn as a bonus and take advantage of them regularly.

Mypoints Videos

MyPoints Review 2019 - Is It A Legit Online Paid Survey?

This may sound crazy, watching videos can actually make you earn. The payment isn’t much, but if you watch TV, you can watch these videos as well, or have them play on a silent mode, and receive some additional money while relaxing or taking surveys.

Printing coupons

MyPoints Review 2019 - Is It A Legit Online Paid Survey?

If you do some kind of grocery shopping, you know you can print online coupons and save a lot of cash. By using MyPoints, each time you print a coupon, you earn 10 points. That is about 6.2 cents on each coupon in addition to the savings you can make with it in-store.

Printing coupons for free grocery products is an excellent way to gain some additional points on MyPoints, as well as an excellent way to save the money you would have spent on otherwise in your grocery shopping.

MyPoints has coupons for many of the top shops that you are most likely to shop anyway. Therefore, using their coupon system is an excellent way to save and earn money by just shopping at the places you would regularly shop.

In-Store Promotions

MyPoints Review 2019 - Is It A Legit Online Paid Survey?

For example, you can go to Walmart and buy two boxes of large trash bags. MyPoints will make a deal with an advertiser to offer you a good deal in-store.

You will earn 1,750 points when scanning and uploading your receipt to MyPoints. That’s going to be enough to get an immediate $10 gift card. If the trash bags cost $5.12, so go to the coupon page and print out two of the $1 coupons, you’re actually going to make $1.76 by buying those bags. This kind of saving is rare, but promotions in-store are a great way to get a great deal.

These are excellent ways to save some additional money. If you were to spend the money on these things, then you could benefit from the savings MyPoints offers.

Referral program

MyPoints Review 2019 - Is It A Legit Online Paid Survey?

MyPoints referral program is pretty good. You can earn 25 points for referring someone, 750 additional points when that individual spends $20 or more while shopping, and 10% of all points earned by that person.

If you are referring all of your friends to the site, you can easily accumulate a large amount of bonus points just to apply them to the site.

This is an excellent way to earn points in the background while you still collect points by taking part in the various activity that MyPoints has to offer.

You will also continue to collect points all the time that your friends will continue to use MyPoints on their own.

How much money can you make?

Overall, there are many ways to earn MyPoints and some pretty good options.

If you are active and also take advantage of some of the deals and shopping options it has and if you get some of the bonuses, you can definitely earn some nice extra cash on the side.

just be aware that it will not make you a full-time income or make you rich.

It’s a legitimate and correct way to make some extra money on the side, but to be successful, you need to go into it with this expectation.


We discovered MyPoints to be a legitimate site reward and have no signs of a scam. They have a lot to give their customers or users, and in comparison with their competitors, MyPoints rewards are some of the best.


Product recommended by
  • Free to join
  • Many earning methods
  • Good payout methods
  • Low payout threshold
  • Easy to use
  • Daily deals
  • Mobile accessibility


Product NOT recommended by
  • Some earning methods have low rewards
  • Deals are not available everywhere

Overall, MyPoints can be an excellent way to gain some additional money. Personally, I believe the best about the site is its cashback options, deals, coupon offers, and bonuses.

Once you are used to the point value on MyPoints, it’s pretty easy to use the site, and if you live in the U.S. or Canada, you can find several ways to earn daily.

I hope this review has now provided you with an overview of what you can expect from MyPoints, so you now understand whether you want to join or not.


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If you have any question or thought as to whether Mypoints a scam, feel free to leave a comment below and I will always reply!

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