Is Product Report Card Scam? – Find It Out In This Review

Is Product Report Card Scam? – Find It Out In This Review

Product Rport Card


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  • PRODUCT NAME: Product Report Card
  • CREATOR: Unkown

Is the Product Report Card a scam? We’re going to find out in this review.

Product Report Card, says it gives people an opportunity to earn cash rewards by sharing their views on different products and in various research panels and surveys.

Product Report Card gives examples of the kinds of surveys that they give to their users, ranging from a 10-minute Ikea survey that pays one dollar to a research panel on new Microsoft apps that pays more than $100.

It says that it will take less than five minutes for their customers to sign up as one of their participants in market research and membership with their website and it’s free.

We will know if this platform is worth your time and effort, I’ll let you decide after getting all the details in this Product Report Card scam review.

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Program Name: Product Report Card


Creator: Unkown

Price: Free

Recommendation: No

Product Report Card is a research website that rewards members through a survey or research panel to share their opinions.

At their website’s first glance, you’re not going to know what they’re dealing with because they don’t have an about page. However, it can be seen that it is a U.S .- based company.

They’re all snippets of what they do and what they can give, but not a lot of information.

It’s a little bit confusing to get an exact idea of what you might get when you join. So let’s take a good look and see if it is worth it or not.


Product Report Card Paid Surveys

Product Report Card Survey

Their paid surveys are basically where on the Product Report Card you get the bulk of the rewards. You have to complete your profile to start getting surveys to get rewards. This is the part to get a little bit tiresome.

That’s because to get started. You need to fill in a lot of forms.

That’s not a very good sign. Usually, you would like to get started as soon as you finish signing up as quickly as possible. But setting up your profile with a Product Report Card is a very painful process.

You must finish this process because the frequency of the surveys you will receive will depend on the information you have provided in your profile.

When joining a survey site, it’s not unusual to have to fill out some profile questions, and I don’t have a problem with that.

It’s just that there are just so many of them on the Product Report Card and you don’t get any rewards for taking the surveys as you do on some other survey sites.

However, keep in mind that the surveys they provide tend to be quite long.

Asides from having a very long set-up process, the earning, in my opinion, is very inefficient compared to other survey sites.

Product Report Product Research

Another way to earn rewards is by-product research. This allows you to earn rewards by researching any product listed in their system.

Then you can input the product’s price, where you can purchase it, and other relevant information. You help people make informed decisions about the product and where they can find the best deal for it.

An exciting feature, but again, there’s not much information on the site about what you’re going to get for it, and it’s not that easy to get started.

How Do You Cash Out?

Product Report Card Redeem cash out

Product Report Card, you must either qualify for their paid surveys or product reviews to earn rewards.

You must fill out your profile to qualify for paid surveys and product reviews — the more information you put in, the better the possibility that you will receive more surveys.

Any review or survey you complete and qualify for will earn you a reward in a dollar amount.

When you access your reward redemption page, you’ll see the total rewards you receive as well as the pending ones. before you can begin redeeming your rewards, you must reach the minimum threshold of $25.

The Product Report Card is supposed to offer you real cash or gift cards to reward you.

The information is nowhere to be found on their website on how you can claim your real money rewards.

I had to figure out how you can get your cast they promise.

They no longer do PayPal anymore, but they can make a deposit direct for you. You will have to contact them as to how this done.

You can also use a check to request a payout. When you registered, they send the check to the address you used.

How Much Money Can You Make?

The minimum amount you need to accumulate before you can start redeeming rewards is $25, as you probably already know.

That is your starting income. and the amount you can get is it depends how active you are with Product Report Card.

The good thing as for the paid survey is they are at least transparent in terms of how much you’ll earn for a specific survey that you took.

You will be told how much you get from it before you start a survey. This is an excellent way to give priority to which surveys you can take to make an efficient earning. At least they did that right.

There are some alarming concerns about the rewards you receive. Some say that they deduct the rewards they have obtained straight before reaching the minimum limit.

Also, some members reported as to why the rewards deducted from their account. And all they get is some generic response from Product Report Card and no explanation as to why it happens.

Overall, from the Product Report Card, you won’t gain much, but it still has its merits.

Can You Use It On Mobile?

There are no apps available about Product Report Card, but you can log in using the browser on your mobile phone

You can go inside the member dashboard, and each feature you can find when you use a computer browser is also available on your mobile phone.

You can tell that their website is optimized for mobile and every screen is responsive and able to see all the content properly.

If you’re a mobile user you don’t have to worry because Product Report Card allows you.

Who Can Join Product Report Card?

Product Report Card sign up

The good thing is that Product Report Card is free and they allows 17 countries to join and they don’t block others from joining the site.

You must bear in mind that if you request a check payout, they will send the check to your address. If you live in another country, this could be a problem because the company is located in the United States.

You need to enter your full address because, as mentioned above, they will need it if they need to mail you the check for your rewards.

The registration process is easy as I have mentioned above. The work involved to start earning isn’t really in the sign-up process. It’s in the profile completion.

Can You Get Support?

When you go to their website you can check the Contact Us page, after that, you will have three options on how to contact them.

You can also email their support email at

You can also email to there address to them since they have displayed their postal address on their website.

You can also check their Facebook page, and when you to that page, you can see the last post dated in February 2018 it means that the site has not been active for quite some time. And also you won’t be able to message them if you were thinking to contact them via Facebook.

Product Report Card Complaints

Product Report Card Complaints
Product Report Card Complaints

As you can see the images above this are the reviews I got from Trustpilot, Sitejabber, and BBB also known as Better Business Bureau.

Now that you have seen the complaints about Product Report Card lets move on to the pros and cons.


Product Report Card is legit, but I DON’T RECOMMEND IT.

Heres why:


Product NOT recommended by
  • No Paypal payment option
  • The payments & rewards take a long time to be processed.
  • Over 60 complaints BBB (Better Business Bureau)
  • Product Report Card BBB rate C
  • Ask too much info just to sign up
  • Earning opportunities are overwhelming. There are other sites out there that offer more.
  • They lack information on their website.
  • There are so many complaints about this website.
  • It’s a big no-no in survey and GPT sites. At least give a clear picture as to what you can get before you sign up.


Product recommended by
  • Free sign-up
  • Earn real money
  • Website is easy to use
  • There are different ways to earn

Now you can know why I DON’T RECOMMEND IT to anyone because it is a waste of time and money. If you want to earn and learn I can teach you how.


Yes! There is.

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If you have any question or thought as to whether Product Report Card is a scam, feel free to leave a comment below and I will always reply!

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