Profit365 Review – Scam Exposed

You want to know if Profit365 is a legit system that can make you tons of money quickly and easily or if you should stay away from it. Join me in this Profit365 review and I will show you the truth about this product.

As you will notice, there is no affiliate link throughout this review. I am not promoting Profit365 and you will get an honest review here.

This review will take you through and answer the following four questions:

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Profit365 claims to make you easy money

Program Name: Profit365


Creator: Jamie Lewis

Price: $37

Upsells: $97 + $194 + $174

Recommendation: STAY AWAY

Profit 365 is a training program created by Jamie Lewis. He has launch many products over the years. Some of them are worth the price, others not so much. Profit365 is the newest product from him.

When you landed on the sales page, there is a catchy title and a sales video for you to watch. The emphasis is on easy and automation. You only suppose to copy what Jamie does and just watch money flood in.

Jamie shows you repeatedly the screenshot of his ClickBank account with large amounts of income everyday. We then see him walk on the street and show these to strangers and tell them how easy it is to generate the same result.

This big secret that has been hidden by many grants you the power to change your life. Jamie is going to reveal it because he wants to change the world.

When it comes to the secret itself, there isn’t much info about what it exactly is. Not on the sales page nor during the sales video. We do know that it’s on ClickBank and you earn commission by sending traffic.

Jamie makes it clear that this program is for beginners who does not have money right now. Because money is not needed as this is a risk free system.

Profit365 suppose to hand you the switch that once you flip it, money just won’t stop flooding in.


So… Let me show you what you get once you join the program, for $37.


There are two training course, both in video format. This suppose to be the secret system that’s going to change your life.

Video training database: These are 8 videos, each around 10 mins long. They talk about why you should by solo ads to promote products on ClickBank.

There is no tutorial as how to buy solo ads, where to buy solo ads, or even what email marketing actually is.

This part of the training has no value what so ever. From some of the screenshots, it’s clear that these videos are also out-dated from 2016.

PROFIT365 training videos: This is one webinar divided into several clips. The topic has nothing to do with solo ads and instead very vaguely discuss YouTube strategy. It doesn’t even tie in with ClickBank.

There is no step-by-step guide as how to make videos, how to upload them.


To squeeze more money from your pocket, there are quite a few upsells inside the Profit365. And they are expensive!

Adwords Campaigns

For $94, you get some of Jamie’s old templates for PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign. These are very old and nearly useless.

They are also not for beginners at all. There is no instruction and you will be confused. Paid traffic is a very tricky subject that even the seasoned online marketeers would need to be careful.

I don’t see how these years-old templates can help anyone at all.

Profit 365 Reinforcement Classes

Pay another $174 and you will have access to Jamie’s weekly webinar, where he would have guest over and answer some questions live.

Profit 365 Business in a Box

This one costs $194. What you get is downloadable resources that Jamie has used in the past 10+ years.

There are tons of email swipes, sales videos and website examples that you are suppose to just copy them and make money.

Unfortunately, all you get are low quality and out-dated junk, some even from 2009! The email swipes are all very cheesy and cheap. The stuff is not very organized and basically a mess.

I can’t see any use or value with any of these resources. Also, there is no instructions as how to use them. You are just suppose to figure it out yourself.


While technically Profit365 is not a scam, I do encourage you to stay away from it.

It claims to provide an easy system for beginners to make money online. But it doesn’t deliver.

With the training, I can’t see any beginner would be able to understand what they are doing and to make any money at all.

Jamie also claims that this is a risk free system. Yet buying solo ads requires capital and is one of the most dangerous thing you can do even if you are experienced.

There is a good chance that you as a beginner will loose money in the end.


Yes, there is!

If you are looking to make passive income online with affiliate marketing, you need much better training than what you would get from Profit365.

You need a training that can teach you systematically the business model and provide you with step-by-step guide.

The training I use have extensive courses and lessons to help you build your online presence from the ground up. You will learn how to build a website, create content, setup email lists, make commissions and many more.

Unlike Profit365, the materials provided in the training I use are up-to-date and very organized. It is perfect for beginners to digest and you can learn the ins and outs of the business at your own pace.

You will also be in a community of like-minded people, who are eager to help you anyway they can.

And you know what’s best? It’s FREE!

This is the truly risk free program that you can start with zero investment. You are not advised to buy solo ads or paid traffic. It’s all about free organic traffic.

Get yourself started and grab my free guide here:

You need to understand that there is no easy way to make money online or offline. Any success requires effort.

With proper guidance and training, you will be able to build something that’s going to make you serious money for years to come.

Don’t buy into the hype and sales pitch on the market. Take it seriously and start your online business right now!


If you have any question or thought as whether Profit365 is a scam, feel free to leave a comment below and I will always reply!

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  • PRODUCT NAME: Profit365
  • CREATOR: Jamie Lewis
  • PRICE: $37 + upsells

4 thoughts on “Profit365 Review – Scam Exposed”

  1. The thing i have about all these “wanna be” sites or programmes is FALSE ADVERTISEMENT it really makes me sick!!!!

    What would it cost to say what you offer as it is than robe people in, then demand series of payments overtime. Most times i wonder if the world still have integrity.

    Well, thanks for recommending an alternative to the profit365, I am not a fan of cheaters and personally would call the program a scam.

    1. Hi Rahye,

      Thanks for dropping by. It really is annoying to see so much hype and false claims in the industry right now.
      I guess they do work on some people, otherwise there shouldn’t be so much products like this one out there.
      Compare to products like Profit365, the training I use is just way better. They are not even in the same world. I wish people would spend a bit more time doing their research before signing up on any product.

  2. I’m never a fan of 1) Sales pages on the very first page of sites like Profit365 that hype the product but give zero instruction, and 2) Upsells. Those raise a lot of red flags for me. Coupled with the fact the actual training videos give zero instruction and instead appear to just buy advertise shows me Profit365 holds little value. It’s definitely a false ad campaign.

    1. Hi Todd,

      Welcome to my review. What you mention are definitely red flags. If they are so confident and proud of their product, they would give more details on the sales page and sales video. It sometime is so clear to me as a review since I have seen these tactics over and over again.

      I just hope my review might help someone who’s new to the idea of making money online and point them to the right direction.

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