Is Rakuten (Ebates) A Scam? 1% and 40% Cashback Almost Anything?

Is Rakuten (Ebates) A Scam? 1% and 40% Cashback Almost Anything?



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Welcome to my Rakuten scam review

If you are looking for extra cash in your spare time maybe Rakuten is for you.

Rakuten, formerly known as Ebates, is a reward program that they will give customers cashback of between 1% and 40% on almost anything they buy when they purchase it through their Ebates account.

This review will try to answer the following four questions. It should give you a clear understanding if Rakuten is a scam or not and whether it’s worth your money.

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Is Rakuten A Scam website

Program Name: Rakuten


Creator: Hiroshi Mikitani

Price: Free

Recommendation: Yes

Hiroshi Mikitani Chairman and CEO of Rakuten founded Rakuten in 1997. The idea of ‘optimism has guided them.’ For them, optimism has a special meaning. It’s not simply a faith that the future will be better; it’s an understanding that we can make the future better by what we do today.

Rakuten is an innovating, evolving, and experimenting with creating a better future. Everything they do empowers people, businesses, and society through innovation and entrepreneurship.

They said they were the first company in the world to successfully launch a merchant-focused e-commerce marketplace. At a time when no one believed people would ever buy or sell over the internet.

Rakuten has over 70 businesses across e-commerce, digital content, and communications. Through these, they empower the communities in which they operate and our thousands of merchants and partners and bring the joy of discovery to almost 1.3 billion people worldwide.


If you want to start using Rakuten, you have to sign up first. Once done you can log in when you are inside the members’ page you will find the name of the store you wish to shop.

You can use the search bar to find the store your looking for or do it in alphabetical order.

Once you click it, it will bring you directly to the store website via Rakuten portal and there you can start shopping.

You will then get directed to the store website from the Rakuten site. Shopping from the Rakuten won’t make any difference if you go shopping straight to the store site.

It’s just that when you shop on qualifying purchases, you will get cashback as you access the store through your Rakuten account.

Another choice is to use the Rakuten browser extension for shopping via Rakuten. You can skip the steps of visiting the Rakuten website when installing the browser extension.

The extension will pop when you visit a site it is eligible to earn you cashback on your purchase.
To earn cashback, all you need to do is to click the button on the popup to activate Rakuten.

How to Get Your Cashback

Is Rakuten A Scam cashback

Now the cashback percentage will depend on which store website you are going to purchase. And each store on the Rakuten website is linked to it. The browser bar will show you the percentage of cashback you will get from purchases.

If you’re asking if why Rakuten give you cash back on purchases?

It’s because the stores give Rakuten money for referring you to buy from them. That is why Rakuten choose to split the cash with you.

Now, that’s a great deal.

When Do You Get Paid? 

Rakuten sent payments 4x a year base on the traditional quarter. Let us say if you got $5.01 or more in your account for January 1st through March 31st on that period your check will be sent on May 15th.

And if you got $5 below, it will stay in your account, and when you have reached the threshold, your check will be sent out on the next period payment.

On Rakuten, you can choose if you want to deposit it on Paypal or check sent directly to your house. Also, you can give it to a charity or send it to a family member.

Stores Partner With Rakuten

Rakuten has many stores on their website where you can go shopping. Also, they have a partnership with over 2,500 stores.

Rakuten has many stores that partnered with them, and there are available rebates at the store for every person who likes to shop.

If you love shopping, this website is for you because they offer a rebate discount on the store you choose.

In Rakuten, you can save money for the everyday purchase, and this will be a great website to buy in every special occasion to give them a present, especially during Christmas.

Rakuten Referral Program

Is Rakuten A Scam referral

Rakuten has a referral program where you can earn cash by referring to someone in the program. Rakuten will pay you $5 per person that you refer they have to use Rakuten to get cashback.

Before you get a commission, they need to use Rakuten at least even once and buy something that is over $25 to get your a commission.

There are times that Rakuten will receive an additional promotion, like, if you refer up to 3 people Rakuten will give you $25 each person that you have invited or referred.

This is a good sign for both users and the person you refer because they get $10 for signing up and also you will get paid.

Rakuten Is An A+ Rate On BBB

In business, nothing is perfect; they will be positive or negative reviews as this is normal for business. If you go to the Better Busines Bureau website, you can see there are mix complaints about the site.

Is Rakuten A Scam complaints

Not just BBB also on the other website like Sitejabber Rakuten got a 4.1 rate.

Is Rakuten A Scam complaints

Rakuten Mobile App

Now This is the best part because you can download Rakuten on your mobile phone. So you can shop, refer to someone everywhere you go.


Rakuten is not a scam and here’s why because they have over 2,500 stores on their website to choose from and they pay you free money when you shop.

Also, you can keep more cash on Rakuten as they will help you save money on the things that you want to buy.


Product recommended by
  • Cash via PayPal or check
  • Easy to use
  • Has a Mobile App
  • High cashback percentages
  • New in-store cash back option
  • Over 2500 different cashback stores
  • Referral Program


Product NOT recommended by
  • Referral only after $25 purchase
  • Pays out cashback accrual checks quarterly


Rakuten is a great website to earn some extra cash if you got a part-time by buying the item that you want.

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If you have any question or thought as to whether Rakuten is a scam, feel free to leave a comment below and I will always reply!

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