Silk Road Effect Review: $1800 Every Day or Just Another Scam?

Silk Road Effect is a new launch in 2019 that claims to how you how to make $1800 every day quickly. That claim itself is a red flag to me. Let’s investigate and find out in this Silk Road Effect review.

Throughout this review, there is no affiliate link to promote Silk Road Effect. You are guaranteed to have an honest review from me.

My review will answer the following questions:

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The sales page of Silk Road Effect

Program Name: Silk Road Effect


Creator: Steven Jenkins

Price: $17

Upsells: $394

Recommendation: No

Silk Road Effect is a training program that promise to show you the secret of drop shipping and make you crazy rich fast.

When you landed on their sales page, hopefully you can immediately notice how simply and vague that page is. There is basically just a title with hype and a video for you to watch.

You won’t find any details about the program, the training or the drop shipping business model.

During the sales video, a guy talks about this ‘huge secret’ that has been hidden from us for centuries! And that he is going to reveal it to us in the Silk Road Effect. There are some screenshots of income and a claimed time limit of the offer.

The video then continues to show how Apple, Amazon and Nike make their money by taking advantage of the ‘Silk Road’. And he claims that the west remain poor while the far east is getting rich. It is simply not true and even contradict to what he just showed about Apple, Amazon and Nike. My guess is that this serves as an incentive for you in the west to take action and get rich.

A lot emphasis is on the earnings potential, with claims like $34,000 a month and $2,362 a day!

The other most important message from the video is that you don’t need any knowledge, work, experience, capital, anything at all. All you need is the Silk Road Effect and you are going to make millions!

Before the end of the video, he stressed again that this is a timely offer and the program is selective only for those who deserve it.

During the whole sales video, there’s no mention of the content or what you would get in the program. You won’t even know what business model is this until you pay the bill and join.


After paying $17, I land on the member’s area.

Only then did I realize this is a training program for drop shipping.

You know what else did I realize? The quality of the training is laughable!

After going through the different sections, Silk Road Effect consists a short PDF file and a few short videos.

The PDF instruction is simply 3 page long. It is so brief that each section of it is only a few sentences long. To be honest, I haven’t seen such sloppy PDF since the very early days of the internet.

There is no actionable information at all in that training. It basically just put together what Google would show you had you research on drop shipping yourself.

The videos are outdated and very short. You’d find much better stuff on YouTube.

And here comes the upsells!

Almost immediately, the program pushes for the Shopify membership. While Shopify is a very popular and useful platform for e commence, it’s a paid service with at least $29/month. By using his affiliate link, Silk Road Effect is making commissions from your purchase on Shopify.

There are two more upsells in the program. One is called ‘The Silk Road Effect Deluxe Club’. This one will set you back $197. What you get in return are two eBooks: Shopify Secrets and Amazon Affiliate Blueprint. Both of these are short eBooks that only briefly scratch the surface of their subjects. Again, you get better information on many free online guides than these.

Upsell on Silk Road Effect that costs $197, available free on the internet.

The other upsell is the ‘Marco Polo Secret’, which cost another $197. Guess what you get for that! A single PDF eBook called ‘Dropshipping 101’. And… wait for it… it’s a free eBook available on the internet!


Yes. Silk Road Effect is no doubt a scam!

It is selling you free low quality stuff that you can find on the internet for hundreds of dollars. You will not learn how to successfully start a drop shipping business. You will not make $34,000 a month.

So it’s just a low quality product, why am I calling it a scam? Well, because the owner knows he’s scamming you. The sales page and video are as vague as they get. It is done in purpose to not reveal the true nature of the program to you before you pay for it. The upsells consists of free eBooks and the title of the eBook is hidden until after you purchase it. This is to avoid you Google the title and find it free on the internet. It is pretty clear that whoever develops this program has full intent to scam your money.

As for the creator, there’s no detail about him anywhere on the site. We don’t know his name, background or his stories. This is another sign that he knows this product is BS and he doesn’t want to be found.

Stay away from Silk Road Effect and don’t get yourself scammed!


Yes, absolutely! Anything is better than the Silk Road Effect. Actually, doing nothing is better than the Silk Road Effect!

If you are only looking to start making money online, I suggest you start with Affiliate Marketing instead of drop shipping. Affiliate Marketing is where you promote other people’s product and get commission for sales. It is much more newbie friendly than drop shipping.

Affiliate Marketing is the business model I use to make a living online. With the training I use, I am not making $34k a month but I am able to live comfortably anywhere in the world with my laptop.

Unlike Silk Road Effect, this training I use is a lot more complete and it really teaches you things that you won’t find just by Googling.

Best of all, it’s free!

Just take a look at my free training here and you’ll see:

With this training, you will learn the knowledge and skills of Affiliate Marketing and you will take actions along the way to build your online presence.

It is a proven and evergreen strategy that would make you money for years to come.

Forget about getting rich quick! Get your hands dirty and start working!


If you have any question or thought as whether Silk Road Effect is a scam, feel free to leave a comment below and I will always reply!

Let’s Make Money!

Silk Road Effect


Stay away!


2 thoughts on “Silk Road Effect Review: $1800 Every Day or Just Another Scam?”

  1. Hi Wei, thank you for a great review of Silk Road Effect. I totally agree with you this is a scam. Anyone that offers you loads of money for little or no work is always a scam!

    To create a real business online or offline requires hard work and time for the business to develop.

    Sadly, the people who lose money with these type of scam programs are usually the ones who can least afford to lose money.

    Thank you for sharing this in the hope that people reading your review will not be scammed.. keep up the good work!

    1. Hi Moni,

      Thanks for dropping by. I do feel that the industry standard for ‘scam’ is way too high. If something is falsely advertised, over-priced and bait its victims on purpose, how is that not a scam.

      From what I read, most reviewers are worried about harassment and even lawsuits from these product owners.

      Unfortunately, this could cause confusion to someone who is not familiar with the industry. They might buy into a product simply because the reviews say it’s not a scam, just over-priced.

      I’ll do my best to keep my reviews accurate and honest. When I spot a scam, I’ll call it out.

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