Is Super Affiliate System A Scam? Learn The Truth

Super Affiliate System has been around for a few years now. There is a new launch in 2019 and it’s time for a review from me. I’ll show you what I think about the program and if Super Affiliate System is a scam.

I’ll take you through the following sections of this review:

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Program Name: Super Affiliate System


Creator: John Crestani

Price: $997 + Hidden Costs

Recommendation: Not Really

Who is John Crestani

Is John Crestani a scam?

John Crestani has been famous and successful. He’s been featured on various media platforms including Forbes. From what I can find, he dropped out of college at age 21. He traveled a bit and found his passion to build an online business.

He did succeed and claim to make millions upon millions over the years. John specialize in paid traffic marketing method. There are some questionable stuff about him on the internet. Mostly it’s about his past. He does appear to reach out to reviewers and tries to improve the product he creates.

What’s Inside the Super Affiliate System

The Super Affiliate System is basically a training course for Affiliate Marketing by paid traffic. It focuses on copy-writing ads and running them on various platforms. Once you start to get profitable, it shows you how to scale that and make real money online. There are also various case studies to analyze success stories and learn from them.

The Six Week Super Affiliate System Training:

This is the main training program of the product. It’s all about paid traffic and how to scale it once profitable. The course is divided into 6 weeks, each has a series of video lessons.

    • Setting up a goal
    • How to setup your website
    • How to setup your presell page
    • How to setup your facebook ads
    • How to work with affiliate networks
    • Creating a millionaire mindset
    • Finding your niche and relevant affiliate offers
    • Which ad network to specialize on
    • How to license a profitable online business
    • How to write good copy
    • Advanced copywriting
    • My 17-step copy writing formula
    • How to optimize ads
    • Advanced optimization
    • Facebook ads
    • Facebook ads compliance
    • Important metrics in advertising
    • Google adwords part 1
    • Google adwords part 2
    • Fb ads w/ Brain Pfeiffer
    • Scaling YouTube ads with penny clicks
    • How to use native ads to drive more affiliate business
    • How to use Clicktracker for more advanced optimization
    • Secrets to profitable Facebook video ads
    • Learning to structure your campaigns effectively
    • How to use survey funnels
    • The $240 thousand solar campaign case study
    • How to scale from $1000/day to $20,000/day
    • How to hire media buyers and build an organization

Internet Jetset

This is another training program what used to sell for $47/month. It is now included in the Super Affiliate System for free. The training is mainly focused on free traffic methods.


Besides the two main training courses, you also get some additional resources that might be useful. These are mostly pre-made stuff that might save you some time. They include but not limited to:

  • Ad Swipes – Ad copy examples
  • Presell Pages – Pre-made sales pages
  • Ad Networks – Recommended Ad networks to join
  • Ad Networks Coupons – credits that you can use on certain ad networks


Super Affiliate System heavily emphasis on the traffic aspect of the business circle. The main training course is all about paid traffic. Like many other similar products, you get pre-made resources to use. Your main task is to put paid ads and get traffic. The rest is pretty much done for you.

You are encouraged to used the system John teaches to promote the Super Affiliate System itself. It is a high ticket product with 50% commission rate. So you will get $415.80 for each sale.

Unfortunately, what you are not told upfront are the hidden costs. To follow John’s system and truly make serious money online, you will have to pay a lot more than the $997 for the program. Here is a list and estimation of some of these hidden costs:

  • Domain: $15/year – this is the address of your website
  • ClickFunnels: $97/month – required by John to get presell page and website hosting
  • Solo Ads: $40/100 clicks – these add up quickly
  • Paid Ads: can cost you thousands a month


The Super Affiliate System is not a scam. It is a system that if you follow everything, you will start to make money.

However I have serious concerns about the ‘success’ you would enjoy. It probably won’t be the kind you would imagine when starting out.

The Super Affiliate System is just another system that forces you to go out there and chase traffic. It is a constant hustle and a very stressful journey.

It also is not that passive as you would think. Even with scaling and automation, you still need to put on ads all the time to get any income.

With the price of the program and all the hidden cost, you simply can’t afford to take a day off. For most of us, you would be happier with a 9 to 5 job.

Such a system is also hard to sustain. You as the student do not own anything crucial to the business. Instead of building something that would last, you simply put on ads day in and day out. Once the program fades away, as it will in time. You are left with nothing and have to start all over again.

The training is valuable and useful, especially for someone who want to learn about paid traffic. But I think it’s seriously over-priced and you can get better materials for much less!


If you are an experienced online marketeer with a big email list, the Super Affiliate System could make a lot of money. Not because of its training, but solely due to the high price and in turn the high commission.

If however, you are a beginner and try to find a way to make money online, this is not the program for you. I do NOT recommend the Super Affiliate System for any beginner. You will struggle and will mostly likely lose money on paid traffic.


YES, there is!

If you are serious about building an online business that would earn you REAL money, I have the best model for you.

Through years of learning, testing and tweaking, I want to share with you my most comprehensive training on how to make a living online. So that you can truly enjoy the laptop lifestyle.

The training will teach you from ground up how to build an online presence that will last for years to come. It will be your land on the internet and you don’t need to depend on anyone or anything to keep making money out of it.

Unlike Super Affiliate System, the training I use emphasis on organic free traffic. You don’t pay for ads, ever!

Instead of hustling to sell to people, they come to you. And it all happens organically. You only need to focus on building and refining the online presence. It’s a lot more fun and stress free process.

Best of all, it’s FREE!

Not only is my training free. Inside the training, I will show you how to start and build a money making website without even domain and hosting costs! You can do it for absolutely zero investment!

You will be able to build an online presence that will make you money in your sleep for years to come.

The business model I share with you is highly automated, easy to scale and geographically independent.

It is the exact training I have been using and I don’t promise you crazy earnings from day one. It is a process and a journey that you will have to put in the time and effort at least in the beginning to build that online presence.

Don’t buy into the hype and sales pitches out there. Take this seriously as a business and get to work!


If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Super Affiliate System is a scam or not, don’t hesitate to leave a comment and I always reply!

Let’s Make Money!

Super Affiliate System




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4 thoughts on “Is Super Affiliate System A Scam? Learn The Truth”

  1. What an interesting article! Never knew that there a super affiliate system but the price is too expensive not too mention the hidden costs. There are a lot more cheaper resources in building an online business. Thank you sharing your post.

  2. This is quite an educative article that I will share with my friends.
    I was following the reviews of the Super Affiliate System and thought that it was a good system since it was not a scam; then you tell me there is a better system.
    I look forward to that system since you have tested; which you say works.
    Thank you for this wonderful piece.

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