The Explode My Payday Scam: You Are Warned!

Today I want to put another warning out there about the Explode My Payday scam. This is a new secret system that claims to find a loophole and generate you more than $1,000 a day. In this review, I will show you the ins and outs of this product and hopefully you will understand what it really is.

Throughout my review, you will not find any affiliate link to Explode My Payday. This is because I’m not promoting this product. Keep reading and you will find out why. You can expect to get an honest and unbiased review from me.

By the end of my Explode My Payday review, you will be able to answer the following four questions. With that information, you can then draw your own conclusion on this product.

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Simple sales page of the Explode My Payday Scam

Program Name: Explode My Payday


Creator: Triad Excel Marketing Inc.

Price: $47

Upsells: Yes

Recommendation: STAY AWAY!

Explode My Payday is claimed to be a brand new system that will generate you more than $1,000 a day. It does not require any skill, knowledge or experience to set this up. Once the system is up and running, you only need to put in 15 to 20 minutes a day to generate $1,000. It is fully automated and will take you on a life-altering journey.

These are all the claims that you will hear from Explode My Payday. Beyond that, we really don’t know much about the product itself.


Red Flags

Before I give you my thoughts on Explode My Payday, I want to highlight some red flags I’ve noticed.

Just like many other scammy products I’ve reviewed before, the sales page of Explode My Payday is extremely simple. There’s a catch title and a sales video. And that’s it. You cannot find any detail or information about the product itself. This usually is a signal that the owner of the product doesn’t want you to know the true nature of what’s selling to you.

Another tactic Explode My Payday uses is fakes scarcity. It tells you that there are only 45 spots available for the program and it can be filled at anytime. They do this to encourage you to make a hasty decision that you would most likely regret.

They show you testimonials of people making more than $1,000 a day over and over in their sales video. Unfortunately, just like many other scammy products, these testimonials are fake. They are made by paid actors and actresses that you can find on Fiverr.

Explode My Payday is said to be created by one Meaghan Harper. However this is not a real person. The image of her in the sales video is from stock image on the internet.

FAKE creator of Explode My Payday

Once you put in your name and your email address, they show you a brand new account that they claim to have set up just for you. And by the end of the sales video, they claim that this account has already made more than $600. However this is again a tactic that I’ve seen from many other spammy products. Once you pay the money and get to the members area, this account that has already made you more than $600 is nowhere to be found.

Also claimed in the sales video is that they are not trying to sell you anything. They claim to hire you as an employee to expand their team and they can make you money and send you pay cheques. However that is obviously not true. By the end of the presentation you will be asked to pay $47 for the product.

Last but not least, if you try to leave the web page of Explode My Payday, there will be a pop-up window with a downsell of $20 off discount. This is quite a steep discount, almost 50% of the original price. Whenever I see a downsell like this, it makes me skeptical of the value of the product.

The Real Creator Behind Explode My Payday

After digging around, I have found out that the true creator of Explode My Payday is the Triad Excel Marketing Inc. This is the same company behind other scammy products like Private Cash Sites. If you read my review of that product, you will see many of the same tactics that has been used in both of these products.


Product NOT recommended by

Yes, no doubt in my mind that Explode My Payday is a scam.

They use ridiculous hypes and sales pitches with the full intent to trick you for your hard earned money. The use of fake identity, fake scarcity, fake testimonials and many other fake claims is solid proof that they know completely what they are doing and they mean you ill.

You have been warned about the Explode My Payday scam. I strongly recommend you to stay away products like this and save yourself money and time.


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If you have any question or thought as whether Explode My Payday is a scam, feel free to leave a comment below and I will always reply!

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Wei from

Explode My Payday


stay away



  • PRODUCT NAME: Explode My Payday
  • CREATOR: Triad Excel Marketing Inc.
  • UPSELL: Yes

23 thoughts on “The Explode My Payday Scam: You Are Warned!”

  1. Hi there

    Thank you for this review, because it will save so many newbies like me for falling prey. I don’t need anybody to convince me again that ‘The Explode My Payday’ is a scam after reading this article. How can someone make $1000 daily, without any skill, experience or dedication? That is really outrageous. There is never a shortcut to success and there will never be. Thank you for this review 

    1. Welcome and thanks for the comment. So true that there is no shortcut to success. A lot of people just chasing the next magic pill and they are vulnerable to scams like this.

      If you are serious about making real money online, check out my free guide.

  2. Dear Wei,

    Thanks a lot for the thorough and detailed review post.

    $1000 a day? I can’t stop laughing and to be honest, I do have friends earn $500 to $1000 per day on their online business but it has taken years of hard work and till now they are working for at least 8 hours a day. “Just 10 to 20 minutes a day and we can generate $1000” its really hard for me to digest.

    I am really worried because of the increased number of online scams and therefore before joining or buying any make money online programs its a must to do our research and read some unbiased reviews.

    I do have seen some ads on this product and I wanted to do some research but your review is a time saver. Thanks a lot for saving people effort, money, time and trouble. After reading your helpful review post Explode My Payday is a NO NO for me.

    Much Success!


    1. Hi Paul,

      Thanks for dropping by. For someone who has some knowledge about online business, you can immediately spot how ridiculous the Explode My Payday is. I hope my review has helped at least one newbie to stay away from scam products like this.

      Just like your friend, there are real people making $1,000/ day or more. And I”m not surprised many people are interested how to achieve that. Research is so so crucial and cherish every penny you have.

  3. Hey Wei,

    I’ve really enjoyed reading this article as you’ve provided us with lots of valuable information on this platform called Explode My Payday. In my opinion, I tend to think that there are many scams out there in the online world, and people should stay from them. By any chance, do you know the name of the person who created this product?

    Thanks a lot for sharing this with us. Keep up the good work Wei!

    1. Hey there, 

      Welcome and thanks for the comment. The real creator behind Explode My Payday is a company called Triad Excel Marketing Inc. 

      They have a track record of scammy products of the past. Some of them I also have reviewed on this site.

  4. Scam, scam, scam! Big time scam! The creators of Explode My Payday pulled every stop to make sure that everyone sees that they are a scam. 

    So, anyone that fails to realise this, made an effort to do so. 

    First off, how can one make a thousand dollars only by spending about 20 minutes on the site? That’s incredible!

    And again you sign up and you already have an account that has generated 600 dollars. 

    Like I said before, even a blind person can see all the red flags that come with this system. 

    1. Hi there,

      I agree with you that it’s quite clearly a scam to us. But for beginners, this could be attractive. Because what they promise is exactly what people want with online business. 

      You ask how could anyone believe to make $1,000 a day with only 20 minutes of work. I can assure you that there are many successful online marketers living that lifestyle. 

      It is the process that scams like these don’t tell people. It could take years of hard working to achieve such lifestyle. But to not scare any beginner, scams like to make it sounds easy and quick. 

  5. I absolutely love what I read in this insightful article because it is full of great information. This is fascinating and interesting to me.this is an eye opener for the newbie in affiliates marketing. The explode my pay day is a scam for promising an unrealistic interest or payback to it’s member. 

    Am a proud member of wealthy affiliate program, WA offers a free training to its member and live chat also. Thanks for the review best regards 

  6. I really want to say a big thank you for putting through this review about the explode my payday scam. This information is quite very incredible and interestingly important for beginners like me. So we don’t fall into any scam or fall for the hype. But think of it what kind of business will run like that, that Once the system is up and running, you only put in 15 to 20 minutes a day to generate $1,000, and that It is fully automated and takes you on a life-altering journey.that alone should tell that its a hype. 

  7. Wow! Thank you so much for this eye-opening exposition. It is no doubt that there are plenty of programs like Explode my payday on the internet, creating fake products and ripping people off their cash. My question remains, how do websites like these gain access to the internet? Are these arts not illegal? Are there no laws that prosecute website owners like this?  Isn’t it fraud? 

    Sorry for bombarding you with the above question. I’m actually pained people get scammed from stuff like this. I join you in advising everyone to stay away from the Explode my payday website. Thank you for this article review.

    1. These are some really good questions! What we know for sure is that the practice is not ethical. 

      As to whether it’s legal or not, I guess it’s complicated. Even if there are laws against these kind of operations, I imagine it would be hard to implement. Just like MLM companies, they are everywhere and the authority doesn’t have enough resource to go after every single one of them. They can only focus the big ones, the ones that creates the biggest damage to the society.

      By keep their operations small and changing names all the time, products like these get to fly under the radar. It’s up to the consumers to do their homework before any purchase.  

      What’s worse is that there are so many fake reviews out there. They give really good ratings to products like this but they are simply promoting the products and try to get rich for themselves. Whenever I see one of these kind of reviews, It just annoys me a lot. 

  8. Hello Wei,

    This is good work you are doing for the people who get fooled by scammy websites. I was also got fooled by a website called “Four Percent”. Actually it not a scammy. They gave me good training through their video walk-through. I got alarmed when they started their upsells. One should not open an account before going through the reviews as you have done here.

  9. The red flags in these sought of programs are pretty obvious but unfortunately, those that don’t have a lot of experience online would hardly be able to identify these red flags. The fact that they promise intense results with little to no effort shows that they cannot be trusted because achieving that building an online business is almost impossible at the initial startup stage.

    Unfortunately, I have fallen victim to programs like this in this past and it was due to my lack of experience online. With the experience I currently have, falling victim to this type of program is just impossible.

    1. Agreed, once you get to know the business models, it’s almost impossible to fall for scams like these. I mean, they are not even trying to be subtle.

      It is for the beginners I write these reviews. On one hand, I try to warn them about dangerous products like these. On the other hand, I try to fight some of the fake reviews on the internet. 

  10. Great post and good info.

    Really, with platforms claiming to find secret ways to earn you such an amount of money each day, that can’t be for real. 

    Im doing all kind of things that makes money, but none of them can generate that much with secret stuff (only illegal stuff). 

    It is good that you’ve exposed this scam, and I hope you will help lots of people with this. 

    Thanks a lot for sharing it with us! 

  11. Hi Wei!
    This is of great help you shared review articles about this scam site. Thank you very much for showing the Red flag on the Explored My Payday Scam. Please do share more reviews on the scam to save many people from being victimized by this fraud sites. Very much helpful article indeed. Looking forward to reading more review articles on scam and fraud sites.
    Take care and have a nice day.

    1. Hi Rgpratap,

      Welcome to my site and thanks for your comment. The red flags are common with many scammy products I have review here on this site. They aim to trick beginners for their hard earned money.

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