Ultimate Amazon Seller Course review – Is This A Legit Course Or A Scam?

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Welcome to my Ultimate Amazon Seller Course review.

In this review, we will take an in-depth look at the Ultimate Amazon Seller Course, which is commonly called Amazon FBA is a system developed by the said company to make selling in their platform easier.

Now let’s find it out in this review if this course is legit or not.

Throughout my review, there is no affiliate link to Ultimate Amazon Seller Course. This is because I do not promote products that I don’t recommend. You can rest assured to get an honest and unbiased review from me.

This Ultimate Amazon Seller Course review will try to answer the following four questions. It should give you a clear understanding of the Ultimate Amazon Seller Course and see if it is worth buying or not.

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Ultimate Amazon Seller Course review - website

Program Name: Ultimate Amazon Seller Course

Website: ultimate-amazon-seller.teachable.com

Creator: Phil Covington 

Price: $497 lifetime membership

Upsells: $497 up to $3,497

Recommendation: Depends

Ultimate Amazon Seller Course is a course owned by Phil Covington, where he will teach you how to use Amazon FBA.

On the website, there are two videos where Phil Covington shares his success and how he made money by doing Amazon FBA.

He also has a YouTube Channel that tackles several topics that might help you succeed in FBA.

Now let’s see how this course work.


In this course, there are 27 different modules with 270 videos. 

These modules contain specific topics and learn more about Amazon FBA. 

The courses are regularly updated, and you will get downloadable resources as well. 

Module 1 

This module is pretty basic but very important because this one is an introduction to the course and describes the type of work that you’ll be selling on Amazon. 

Module 2 

This module teaches you all about the legal stuff like taxes, insuring your stock, and filling out paperwork. 

Module 3

This module deals with legal stuff that includes sales taxes, information on checking accounts, and many more.

Module 4

This module will teach you how to create your Amazon FBA account.

You also get training on choosing a name, how the dashboard works, and all the fees you’ll come across. 

Module 5 to 7

In modules 5 to 7, you will learn about product research and finding a good product to sell. 

This module is important because you’ll get a list of products that Philip believes are hot.

Module 8 to 11

These modules are about sourcing, where you buy a product and sell it on Amazon.

You’ll also learn how to find suppliers in China, the US, and more.

You’ll also learn how to buy products, negotiate with suppliers, and more. 

There’s also training on how to make a store logo, taking photos, and more that you need to do to sell on Amazon.

Module 12

This module is about staying compliant with Amazon. 

It also includes policies that have to do with specific products, packaging, and more.

Module 13

This module is about creating your product listing, which means that you have to create a good headline, understanding the keywords, setting your price, and more. 

Module 14

This module is about copywriting and making sure that everything is set up.

Like making sure that your product description is easy to read, have a good picture, and following up with customers to get good reviews.

Module 15

This module is about how to drive traffic to your page and get sales.

This module covers Amazon sponsored ads, PPC ad campaigns (Google ads, Bing ads, etc.) and social media marketing. 

Driving traffic is very important because without it you won’t get sales and business.

Module 16

This module focuses more on Amazon Sponsored Ads. 

And how to get the most for your money.

Module 17 and 18

These modules you learn how to deal with problems when you come across selling on Amazon.

This is very important because there are times that someone will steal your product so you’ll have to learn how to deal with them.

Module 19

This module will teach you how to sell on other platforms beyond Amazon FBA, like Shopify.

Module 20 to 23

This module, you’ll learn about financing, budgeting, and outsourcing here.

It’s about scaling your business and growing your income. 

Module 24 to 27

This module is about building your brand, Amazon services, and other business insights from famous business people like Mark Cuban.

How Much Does It Cost?

Ultimate Amazon Seller Course review -  Price

The course has a 9-lifetime membership plan that you can choose from the cheapest cost of $497, while the most expensive membership plan is at $3497.

Even though $497 is the cheapest one, but it is still very expensive.

You can find more out there that cost lower than that price and can even give you all the learnings that you need about Amazon FBA.

So if I were you do a research first because you don’t know you might find worth buying then this course.


The Ultimate Amazon Seller Course is not a scam. It is a legit training course where you can learn more about Amazon FBA.

As you can see, Philip Covington is a real person, and he shares how he earns his money by doing Amazon FBA and not just that you can learn a lot of things on this course.

However, the price is pretty expensive, and some people can’t afford it. If you are a business-minded person and want to learn more about Amazon FBA, this might be for you.

But again, as I said earlier, there are other courses out there that offer less price than this course, si you better do your research first before you decide.


  • Philip Covington is a legit person
  • The courses are very informative


  • It’s not for everyone
  • It is pretty expensive


Ecommerce business is a good business as long as you have money to spend because once you start that business, it will cost you a lot.

Ecommerce is not an easy business because you have to go through some trial and error and not just that you are going to spend a lot of money on traffic, buying products that you need to sell, your website, and many more.

If you plan to build a business and earn a fulltime income, I recommend you to check Affiliate Marketing.

This is the business model that I always recommend to beginners.

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This will allow you to create a full-time income from your online business. What’s amazing is that once your online presence is built, it will continue to generate money for years to come. It is truly the passive income everybody is dreamed of.

Even though it covers everything you need to know about affiliate marketing, you will not be overwhelmed by it. There are step-by-step tutorials in every lesson. They are easy to follow no matter your skill level and previous experience.

Best of all, it is 100% FREE!

We’re not talking about a time-limited free trial here. You can remain a free member for as long as you want.

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Besides the top-notch training and free websites, you also get a chance to join an amazing community. These are like-minded people who are willing to help you, support you and most importantly inspire you.

This is to me the most important and valuable part. I have seen so many people putting in their hard work and give up right before they see the result. With the help of this community, you will gain the strength to push through hard times and eventually be rewarded.

So stop buying into hypes and looking for shortcuts, take your business seriously and take action TODAY!


If you have any questions or thought as to whether Ultimate Amazon Seller Course is a scam, feel free to leave a comment below and I will always reply!

Let’s Make Money!

Ultimate Amazon Seller Course

$497 lifetime membership

Overall Rate



  • PRODUCT NAME: Ultimate Amazon Seller Course
  • WEBSITE: ultimate-amazon-seller.teachable.com
  • CREATOR: Phil Covington
  • UPSELL: Yes
  • RECOMMENDED? Depends

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