What Is My Lead System Pro – Is It Legit Or A Scam?

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Welcome to My Lead System Pro review.

In this review, we will take an in-depth look at My Lead System Pro and see if this is a legit program or just an outright scam just like other programs that we have reviewed.

Let’s find out.

Throughout my review, there is no affiliate link to My Lead System Pro. This is because I do not promote products that I don’t recommend. You can rest assured to get an honest and unbiased review from me.

This My Lead System Pro review will try to answer the following four questions. It should give you a clear understanding and see if it’s worth your money.

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What Is My Lead System Pro - website

Program Name: My Lead System Pro

Website: www.myleadsystempro.com

Creator: Norbert Orlewicz, Todd Schlomer, Brian Fanale.

Price: $42 up to $300

Recommendation: For those who have experience

My Lead System Pro was started way back in 2008. It began with the concept of marketing with MLM strategies for entrepreneurs who want their business to grow.

They claim that the program is like a world-class Harvard academy of business for those who want their business to get fresh leads, sign-up more reps, and earn more money.

It says that My Lead System Pro provides general marketing strategies that guarantee to help marketers create sales online and generate more leads.

They make itself a lead generation service, and according to the people behind the program, any online business out there will benefit from this program.


My Lead System Pro focuses on a method called Attraction Marketing, which means you are going to attract customers to you by building a brand and offering values instead of going out to a group of people who are not interested.

Attraction Marketing is harder to master, and it takes time. It is not like a system where you can follow the step-by-step and expect a result.

Attraction marketing can be beneficial in the long run if done it right the way.

That’s why they have a lot of training programs and teach you about attraction marketing and how to grow your leads and sales online.

The tools proved by them are based on the concept of attraction marketing to help you with the technical aspects.

Can You Make Money With My Lead System Pro?

Their goal is to help people bring their business to the next level by getting more leads and sales passively.

If you are a network and affiliate marketer, or a business owner, you can grow your business by following their training and leveraging its tools.

They focuses on its own affiliate program. 

However, it is not really an affiliate program because many people have confirmed that it is their own MLM business.

So that means you can make money by referring people to join My Lead System Pro.

My Lead System Pro Training

There are over 46 training course with My Lead System Pro.

Their training is categorized into beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

If you’re a beginner, the first lesson is the foundation of attraction marketing. 

There’s a lesson that will help people find their target market and lessons on mindset.

There’s also an advanced training, where you will learn how to set up your automated webinars, outsource, and become a coach.

They also have training for Network Marketers to sharpen their skills in their business.

They also have an extensive and comprehensive set of training that is helpful for anyone in their business.

They are in bite-sized video and text formats, so they are pretty easy to consume.

The only problem is that some videos that span more than one hour, but only 20 minutes have useful content.

They also have weekly live training that they have been doing since 2008, where they will teach you some useful information and strategies for your business.

My Lead System Pro Tools

They have tools that will help you grow, engage, and follow-up with your leads.

Funnelizer – This is a tool that will help you build your custom opt-in page, funnels, and sales page. 

MLSP SITES – This is a blogging platform that allows you to create your blog and publish content. This is a medium to market your business, and it is called Search Engine Optimization or content marketing. 

They have access to their premium hosting, security, and plugins.

However, this one is not available in the basic membership.

Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) – This is a tool that allows you to follow-up with your subscribers, appointments, Emails, rate your prospect, and track your potential customers.

It also has a lot of features to help you build a relationship with your list and eventually monetize it!.

Daily Morning Wake-up Call  They will host a podcast every Monday to Friday, where the leaders will share their knowledge and experience to motivate the members.

How Much Does My Lead System Pro Cost?

What Is My Lead System Pro - monthly payment
What Is My Lead System Pro - annual payment

They have 3 membership levels. The basic, professional, and premium. 

As you can see in the image above, there are 2 types of payment options the monthly and annually.

The basic membership is minimal because you access to their business center and premium features.

The premium membership costs up to $300 per month, and you will gain access to everything. 

The Good Thing Of My Lead System Pro 

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

My Lead System Pro doesn’t offer a free trial, but they do offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you have 30 days to try it out.

$10 Trial

The good thing about the program is that there is that it has a trial period, where you can sing up for $10 and tried their training for 10 days.

So you ahve 10 days to try it out, and if you decide to sign off, it says that you will get your money back.

With the 10 days trial they will teach you their so-called techniques which are:

  • How to attract people
  • How to target market
  • Vision and mindset
  • Campaigns
  • Customer development
  • How to develop relationships with customers,
  • How to operate things daily, etc.

Red Flags

The Plans Are Quite Expensive

As you can see, the plans cost up to $300 per month, which is not affordable for most beginners.

They create 3 different levels so that you will be forced to buy their premium level because both basic and membership levels have limited access to it.

This is common in today’s companies that this kind of strategy shows that their main goal is to make money from you.

Overwhelming Course

As you can see, they do have a lot of training materials that pose another problem, and beginners will likely be overwhelmed.

This is a common problem for a lot of companies that put a lot of focus on creating values.

So I think they need to organize and structure them into an easy-to-follow and step-by-step guide.

Just like the video training that spans an hour or longer, only 20 minutes of the video is useful.

Not for Beginners

For those without a business, it’ll be tough for you to leverage its affiliate program to make money.

The membership price is also a bit too expensive for the newcomers who have not made any money online.


Once you become a member, you’ll encounter quite a lot of upsells regarding these resources.


My Lead System Pro is not a scam. They are legit, and they have been running since 2008.

If a company runs that long that means they have been successful throughtout the years.

However, the downside is that the price is not cheap, as I said earlier, for those who don’t have a business, it’s going to be tough for you.

But if you got money and you have a business, then this one is for you as they help you bring your business to the next level.


  • 30 days money-back guarantee
  • $10 Free Trial
  • It’s been running for a very long time


  • Expensive
  • Upsell
  • Not for beginners


Now you know what My Lead System Pro is and what you will get once you join them.

However, as I said earlier, this program is not for beginners.

If you want to build a business that doesn’t cost too much like My Lead System Pro and it is for beginners, I recommend you to check Affiliate Marketing.

This is the business model that I always recommend to beginners.

Affiliate marketing is really easy to get started, and the earnings potential is almost unlimited.

To get started with affiliate marketing the right way, all you really need is proper and high-quality training.

The training I have been using to build my online business and make a living out of it is a lot more complete. It covers all aspects of the business and teaches you all the best practice of the industry.

It will teach you how to build your online presence from the ground up. The training also emphasis on free organic traffic, which is the best source of traffic.

This will allow you to create a full-time income from your online business. What’s amazing is that once your online presence is built, it will continue to generate money for years to come. It is truly the passive income everybody is dreamed of.

Even though it covers everything you need to know about affiliate marketing, you will not be overwhelmed by it. There are step-by-step tutorials in every lesson. They are easy to follow no matter your skill level and previous experience.

Best of all, it is 100% FREE!

We’re not talking about a time-limited free trial here. You can remain a free member for as long as you want.

As a BONUS to welcome you to my site, grab my free guide and I will show you how to get your website up and running with a free domain and free hosting. This will allow you to get started with your online business for absolutely zero investment.

Besides the top-notch training and free websites, you also get a chance to join an amazing community. These are like-minded people who are willing to help you, support you and most importantly inspire you.

This is to me the most important and valuable part. I have seen so many people putting in their hard work and give up right before they see the result. With the help of this community, you will gain the strength to push through hard times and eventually be rewarded.

So stop buying into hypes and looking for shortcuts, take your business seriously and take action TODAY!


If you have any questions or thought as to whether My Lead System Pro is a scam, feel free to leave a comment below and I will always reply!

Let’s Make Money!

My Lead System Pro

$42 up to $300

Overall Rate



  • PRODUCT NAME: My Lead System Pro
  • WEBSITE: www.myleadsystempro.com
  • CREATOR: Norbert Orlewicz, Todd Schlomer, Brian Fanale.
  • UPSELL: Yes
  • RECOMMENDED? Depends

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