Your New At Home Career Review: Scam or $500/Day?

Another new secret system that claims to make you $500 a day! Sounds like another scam? Join me in my Your New At Home Career review and I’ll show you what you’ll get for your money.

Throughout this review, there is no affiliate link to Your New At Home Career. This is because I’m not promoting this product. Keep reading and you will understand why. You can expect to get an honest and unbiased review from me.

By the end of this review, you will be able to answer the following four questions. With them, you can draw your own conclusion on Your New At Home Career.

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Catchy Claim Made by Your New At Home Career

Program Name: Your New At Home Career


Creator: Unknown

Price: $47

Upsells: Yes

Recommendation: STAY AWAY!

You get very limited information on the sales page and the sales video. We don’t exactly know what kind of business model Your New At Home Career is based upon.

What we do know is that it claims to be a brand new secret system that has never been revealed before. It is very simple and 100% newbie friendly. You don’t need any skill, knowledge or experience to be able to profit with this system.

You can potentially earn $30,000 per month with only 30 minutes a day of working. The system is also really easy and fast to set up. You can get everything up and running within minutes.

According to the sales video, this system is potentially life-changing.


Red Flags

Before I show you what’s inside Your New At Home Career, let me highlight some red flags I have noticed.

Just like many other scammy products I have reviewed before, Your New At Home Career has a very simple sales page. There is a catchy title, a sales video and some testimonials. You cannot find any information or details about the product.

This usually is a signal that the owner of the product is not comfortable to let you know the true nature of what he is trying to sell you.

Another thing you would notice immediately when you land on their sales page is the tactic of scarcity. This is also a common feature of all scammy products I have reviewed. Usually they tell you that there is a time limit and/or a spot limit for you to join the program.

This is usually a lie. Since they are selling digital products, there is literally no limit on how many copies they can sell. It’s all just a smokescreen that tries to encourage you to make a hasty action that you would probably regret.

Downsell tactic used by Your New At Home Career

One more red flag I have noticed is that when you try to leave the sales page, there is a pop-up to give you a discounted price. This is what usually called a downsell. And it’s another common feature of scammy products. If they couldn’t trick you the first time, they try to trick you another time just before you leave their page with a discounted price.

Last but not least, those testimonials you see on the landing page, they are fake! You might be surprised how could someone use fake testimonials. But I can tell you that unfortunately it is a very common tactic these scammy products use.

What they do is they use paid actors and actresses to make fake testimonials promoting their product. Not surprisingly, these would made me very skeptical of what they have to offer.

Inside The Member’s Area

For $47 or $37 if you get the downsell, it is revealed to you what’s inside Your New At Home Career.

It is a training program for dropshipping. For those of you who don’t know what dropshipping is, get a brief explanation here.

Dropshipping is a legit business model to make real money online. However it is not an easy business to run. There are also some investments and risks involved in dropshipping.

To truly succeed in dropshipping, you will need a good quality and comprehensive training program.

Unfortunately, what you get inside Your New At Home Career is not enough to help you succeed at dropshipping.

It’s basically an eBook that very briefly introduce you to the concept of dropshipping. To be honest, you can learn much more about dropshipping by simply Google it.


Product NOT recommended by

Yes, no doubt in my mind that Your New At Home Career is a scam.

What you get for your money is such low quality training that you’d be better off searching the topic on the internet for free.

Compound with the dodgy sales page, fake scarcity tactic, downsell pop-ups and fake testimonials, it is clear that the owner of the product knows that this is not going to help anyone.

He or she has the full intent to trick you for your hard earned money. This is why I’m calling it a scam.


Yes there is. For a scammy product like this, doing nothing is better.

If you want to get started with dropshipping, you really need proper and good quality training before you even start. Avoid scammy product like Your New At Home Career.

Like I said, there are a lot free resources on the internet that you can leverage. Another option is to go to Udemy. This is a platform where you can purchase digital courses on various topics.

They have some good quality training on how to get started with dropshipping. The good part about Udemy is that you can see reviews and ratings from customers for each training so that you know what you get for your money.

If on the other hand, you just want to get started with earning money online, I highly recommend affiliate marketing. This is in my opinion the best online business model for any beginner. Unlike dropshipping, it is much easier to get started with minimum investment required.

The training I have been using to build my online business and make a living out of it is a lot more complete. It covers all aspects of the business and teaches you all the best practice of the industry.

It will teach you how to build your online presence from the ground up. The training also emphasis on free organic traffic, which is the best source of traffic.

This will allow you to create a full time income from your online business. What’s amazing is that once your online presence is built, it will continue to generate money for years to come. It is truly the passive income everybody is dreamed of.

Even though it covers everything you need to know about affiliate marketing, you will not be overwhelmed by it. There are step-by-step tutorials in every lesson. They are easy to follow no matter your skill level and previous experience.

Best of all, it is 100% FREE!

We’re not talking about a time limited free trial here. You can remain a free member for as long as you want.

As a BONUS to welcome you to my site, grab my free guide and I will show you how to get your website up and running with free domain and free hosting. This will allow you to get started with your online business for absolutely zero investment.

Besides the top notch training and free websites, you also get a chance to join an amazing community. These are like-minded people who are willing to help you, support you and most importantly inspire you.

This is to me the most important and valuable part. I have seen so many people putting in their hard work and give up right before they see result. With the help of this community, you will gain the strength to push through hard times and eventually be rewarded.

So stop buying into hypes and looking for shortcuts, take your business seriously and take action TODAY!


If you have any question or thought as whether *** is a scam, feel free to leave a comment below and I will always reply!

Let’s Make Money!

Wei from

Your New At Home Career


stay away



  • PRODUCT NAME: Your New At Home Career
  • CREATOR: Unknown
  • UPSELL: Yes

2 thoughts on “Your New At Home Career Review: Scam or $500/Day?”

  1. Hi Wei.
    Thank you for the solid information you are delivering and for the warning on scam offers. With the details about the red flags, you are giving us the best way to evaluate them and decide if it is for us or not. Thank you again.

    1. Hi Claude,

      Thanks for dropping by. I am glad that you find my review helpful. It is one thing that they offer low quality low price product, it is another thing to use those red flags to trick people for their hard earned money. That’s why I want to put this out there to tell any beginners what they need to look out for.

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